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Benefits of Labiaplasty

What are the Risks and Benefits of Labiaplasty

Benefits of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the fastest growing cosmetic plastic surgeries in America, and as awareness of this surgery procedure grows, more women are finding themselves wondering if labiaplasty may be a good option for them. Like all surgeries, deciding to undergo labiaplasty is a big decision. One of the first things women considering labiaplasty or any other cosmetic plastic surgery should do is consider the risks and benefits of the procedure. This blog post will briefly explain labiaplasty and break down some of the potential risks and benefits to help women begin thinking about if this procedure may be a good option for them.

Prior to labiaplasty, the plastic surgeon will meet with each patient one-on-one to discuss the procedure and answer any questions she might have. During this appointment, the surgeon will review the patient’s medical and surgical history, as well as perform a detailed physical examination that includes measurements of the labia majora and labia minora (the tissue that frames the vaginal opening). On the day of surgery, the patient is given medicine to help her relax, and local anesthesia is used to numb the area. The patient will feel relaxed and comfortable, but will be able to breathe on her own and follow simple instructions. During the procedure, Dr. Temmen may remove excess tissue from the labia minora and/or labia majora depending on the patient’s anatomy and complaints. Dr. Temmen is meticulous in her technique, and takes care to orient the incision away from the vaginal opening so it is discreet and so that friction due to clothing, tampon use, or intercourse does not irritate the area. This whole process typically only takes about 90 minutes, and the patient is able to return home shortly after. During recovery, the patient is instructed to wear compressive underwear and a light pad for a couple of weeks. Most patients are able to return to work the next day, drive when they are no longer taking narcotic pain medications, resume light exercise in about three weeks and resume sexual activity in about six weeks.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of labiaplasty, let’s discuss some of the potential risks. First, there are risks that are inherent to surgery of any kind, including bleeding and infection. Because labiaplasty is a fairly simple and quick outpatient procedure performed on the superficial tissue, these risks are small. However, board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Traci Temmen are fully trained not just in how to perform plastic surgeries like labiaplasty, but also in how to promptly recognize and manage any potential complications that arise. Other common effects from surgery of any kind are swelling and bruising of the area, which typically resolves on its own after a few weeks. Another common problem associated with labiaplasty is problems with wound healing. A small degree of wound breakdown or dehiscence is fairly common after this surgery due to the increased movement and friction in this area. These wounds almost always heal without difficulty, further scarring, or the need for additional procedures. Another potential risk of this procedure is asymmetry. Often times, women seeking labiaplasty already have some degree of asymmetry. While this can often be improved during surgery, perfect symmetry may not be a reasonable expectation. Another risk of surgery is abnormal scarring, which is most common in women who have a history of abnormal scarring such as keloids or hypertrophic scars. Women with this history should discuss this with their surgeon and consider the risks and benefits of surgery. A final risk of labiaplasty many patients worry about is altered sensation affecting sexual function. Fortunately, sexual sensation and function is largely supplied by nerves that lie deep in the pelvis and send tiny branches up to the external genitalia. A labiaplasty only operates on the most superficial tissues so it is extremely unlikely that these deep nerves would be injured during surgery. Typically, if a woman does experience some changes in sensation after surgery, these changes are temporary and resolve during with healing process.

Now that we’ve covered the risks of labiaplasty, let’s discuss the fun part – the benefits! Many women considering labiaplasty do so for a few reasons. One common reason is that the inner labia minora have become enlarged so that they extend beyond the protective outer labia majora, resulting in painful rubbing during exercise, sex, and everyday life. Labiaplasty can resolve this issue by removing excess tissue from the labia minora so it no longer protrudes, increasing comfort during these activities. In addition, women with enlarged labia majora may feel embarrassed wearing tight clothing such as yoga pants, swim suits, and athletic wear. During labiaplasty the labia majora can be reduced so there is no longer any fear of showing through tight clothing, allowing women to feel confident and comfortable no matter what they’re wearing. Another potential benefit of labiaplasty is increased sexual satisfaction due to several reasons. Firstly, decreased pain during intercourse allows women to experience greater enjoyment. In addition, it is not uncommon for women with enlarged labia to have developed a loss of interest in sex due to pain and discomfort. After labiaplasty, women may start to enjoy sex again and rebuild a healthy relationship with their sexual identity. In addition, women who feel embarrassed by their appearance often find renewed confidence in the bedroom after labiaplasty. However, it is important to note that no woman should ever pursue labiaplasty due to the preferences of a partner – this is a personal decision, and it should be hers alone.

Labiaplasty is a simple but life-changing procedure for women who are plagued by pain, discomfort, or embarrassment over disproportional or enlarged labia. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen has helped countless women find comfort and confidence through labiaplasty, and patients love her kind demeanor and gentle approach. If you have been wondering if this procedure might be right for you, don’t wait any longer! Call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today.

Labiaplasty Improve Your Sex Life

Can Labiaplasty Improve Your Sex Life?

Labiaplasty Improve Your Sex Life

With the miracle of modern medicine and technology, the field of plastic surgery has blossomed to include safe and effective procedures all over the body. While breast augmentation, nose jobs, and butt lifts often grace magazine covers, plastic surgery on the genitalia remains a taboo topic. However, procedures such as labiaplasty can in fact be life-changing for many women who live with constant discomfort or embarrassment from enlarged labia. This blog post will explain this procedure in more detail as well as discuss the effects of labiaplasty on sexual function to answer the common question, “Can labiaplasty improve your sex life?”

The first step in any cosmetic surgical procedure is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who you trust to take great care of you before, during, and after your surgery. Dr. Traci Temmen has the highest level of training in her field and is experienced in the field of female genital surgery including labiaplasty. Furthermore, as a woman herself, Dr. Temmen understands the worries and concerns of her female patients and makes every effort to ensure every woman feels comfortable and cared for throughout their surgical experience. Once you have selected a surgeon and had a detailed in-person consultation to discuss your goals, it is time for surgery! This procedure usually takes only about one hour, but of course can vary depending on the individual patient. Before surgery, the patient receives local anesthesia and may be offered anti-anxiety medication to help her feel more relaxed, but remains awake and breathing on her own. During the procedure, Dr. Temmen carefully removes unwanted excess tissue from the labia. During this process she pays special attention to orient the incisions away from the vaginal opening. This precise scar placement ensures optimal patient comfort in the future during physical activity or sexual intercourse that might otherwise irritate the area. After surgery, patients are pleased that they are able to return home the same day and may return to work the next day. During recovery, they are able to resume light exercise in three weeks and sexual activity in six weeks.

Now that we have discussed labiaplasty, let’s go over how this procedure can affect (and maybe even improve!) sexual function. First, an anatomy lesson. Sexual sensation and function is supplied by nerves, most importantly the pudendal nerve. This nerve lies deep in the pelvis, sending small branches up to the surface to innervate the external genitalia. During a labiaplasty, only the most superficial tissue is operated on, leaving the deeper structures untouched. Therefore, injury to the deep nerves supplying this region would be extremely unlikely. Not only does labiaplasty preserve these important nerves, in fact many women report that labiaplasty actually improves their sex lives! This is accomplished through a few different ways. Firstly, many of the women seeking labiaplasty do so at least partially because their labia have enlarged to a point where they cause pain during exercise, rubbing against clothing, and during sexual activity. Reducing the size of the labia through labiaplasty eliminates this issue and helps women engage in these activities pain-free, increasing sexual enjoyment. The second part of this is as a woman experiences discomfort or pain with intercourse over a long time period, she may start to develop a negative association with sex that decreases her libido as well. Fixing the root of this problem can help women reclaim their sexual identity, with many women experiencing a newfound sex drive and increased desire. Finally, another common reason many women pursue labiaplasties is due to a feeling of embarrassment over the appearance of labia that they feel look engorged, elongated, or asymmetrical. Correcting this through plastic surgery can help women feel confident and sexy in the bedroom again.

Labiaplasty may seem like a scary option to some, but in reality it is a very safe and effective way to decrease the size of enlarged labia that cause pain, discomfort, or embarrassment for many women. This can have a positive impact on self-esteem, sexual function, and overall quality of life – all accomplished through a procedure done under local anesthesia in the time it would take you to take your lunch break! If you’re reading this blog post thinking this sounds like you, this is your chance to finally make a change and reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this specialized and sensitive procedure. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today!


Does Insurance cover Labiaplasty?


As we age, gain weight, or have children, everyone’s body changes. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t in the ways we want it to! This toll on the body may manifest in many ways, such as sagging skin around the midsection, breasts that hang lower than they used to, or stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge. Although it isn’t talked about as much, many women are also dissatisfied with the changes that take place in their genital region. In particular, many women are bothered by elongated or enlarged labia that cause uncomfortable irritation against clothing, while exercising, or during intercourse. Some women also feel embarrassed by these changes and find themselves avoiding tight clothing or intimacy, or simply feeling less confident and dissatisfied with their appearance. Whatever the reason, Dr. Traci Temmen understands that this is a sensitive topic for all women and is happy to offer a surgical solution for those seeking relief from painful irritation and renewed confidence in their body. One such option is labiaplasty, a surgical procedure that reduces the size of enlarged labia. This post will briefly discuss this procedure as well as answer one question many patients have regarding this procedure, which is if it will be covered by their insurance.

Labiaplasty is performed as an out-patient procedure at Temmen Plastic Surgery, a boutique surgical center in South Tampa that prioritizes patient privacy and comfort. This procedure typically takes about one hour to complete, but varies depending on each patient’s individual anatomy. During this procedure, the patient receives local anesthesia and may be offered anti-anxiety medication depending on how she feels, but remains awake and breathing on her own. During the procedure, Dr. Temmen carefully removes the excess tissue from the labia and closes the tissue with the incision oriented away from the vaginal opening to ensure optimal patient comfort. Patients are usually very happy that they are able to go home shortly after their surgery, and return to work the next day, resume light exercise in three weeks, and sexual activity in six weeks.

For women considering this procedure, one of the first questions on their mind is if it will be covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, the short answer to this is that in most cases, labiaplasty will not be covered by insurance. Typically, insurance will cover procedures that are deemed medically necessary, such as fixing a broken leg after a car accident. However, it will not cover procedures that it classifies as “cosmetic”, or for aesthetic purposes. Some plastic surgeries such as labiaplasty may have elements of both. For example, breast reduction is often performed to alleviate back and neck pain in addition to reducing the size of the breasts to improve their appearance. Careful documentation of the chronic pain in these cases may result in insurance companies being willing to cover a breast reduction. Unfortunately, although many women pursue labiaplasty not just for aesthetic reasons but also due to painful irritation that negatively impacts their quality of life, insurance companies will still typically not cover the procedure. Although it is unlikely that it will be covered, patients are still encouraged to request reimbursement from their insurance company. Fortunately, labiaplasties are not as expensive as many other plastic surgeries, starting at approximately $3,200 with local anesthesia. Many women also take advantage of the convenient payment options available that allow payment with check, credit card, or CareCredit, a special credit card that that offers low monthly payments for cosmetic surgery procedures. Overall, most women are very happy with their decision to undergo labiaplasty and find that the price tag is worth the significant improvements in their quality of life.

For women who are significantly impacted by labia that are enlarged and causing pain and embarrassment, there is no need to suffer in silence! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is highly trained and experienced in performing labiaplasty to help women live comfortable, pain-free, and confident lives. To view examples of surgical results, please navigate to the Gallery tab of this website. (Note that due to the sensitive nature of these images, more may be viewed during an in-person consultation than those displayed here.) If you are interested in learning more about if you may be a candidate for this life-changing procedure, please call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Traci Temmen, MD today!

Age for Labiaplasty

Am I too Old or Young for Labiaplasty? 18-75

Age for Labiaplasty

When people think of plastic surgery, a few of the procedures that probably come to mind first are breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt lifts. Tales of celebrities undergoing these surgeries frequently grace the pages of popular magazines, and some of these procedures even make appearances in advertisements on billboards and park benches. However, there is at least one area of plastic surgery that is becoming increasingly common, but still remains somewhat taboo – labiaplasty. This is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the labia or “wings” that frame the vaginal opening. This blog post will explain the reasons many women are interested in labiaplasty, provide a brief overview of the procedure itself, and address a common question of there is a such a thing as being too old or too young for this procedure.

Whether it’s due to aging, the effects of childbirth, or simply one’s genetics, it is not uncommon for a woman to experience embarrassment or discomfort due to her external genitalia at some point in her life. Sometimes, women are unhappy that their labia appear elongated or asymmetrical, causing embarrassment with sexual partners or even showing through form-fitting clothing such as yoga pants or bathing suit bottoms. In other cases, the labia may be enlarged to a point of causing pain or discomfort during intercourse or from rubbing against clothing. Dr. Traci Temmen understands that experiencing embarrassment or discomfort over this very intimate area of the body can be distressing for many women, and is committed to making every patient feel comfortable and cared for from initial consultation to post-op follow up. Patients are consistently impressed with her gentle bedside manner and meticulous surgical approach, and feel at ease knowing that their procedure will be performed with the utmost discretion and privacy at Temmen Plastic Surgery.

The labiaplasty procedure itself is a short procedure that generally takes approximately 45 minutes, and is performed under local anesthesia. Most patients are very pleased with the short length of the procedure and that they are able to return home shortly after with little to no down time. During the consultation for a labiaplasty, Dr. Temmen works with the patient and makes precise measurements to determine exactly how much tissue will be removed in order to create the desired final result. During the surgery itself, Dr. Temmen carefully removes the excess tissue from the labia minora and closes the incision so that the suture line is oriented away from the vaginal opening. This ensures that there will be minimal rubbing against the incision line during intercourse, optimizing patient comfort. Generally, the goal of this part of the procedure is to make it so that the labia minora lie closer to the body where they can be protected by the outer labia majora, eliminating painful friction. For some women who wish to also reduce the size of their labia majora, Dr. Temmen may peform liposuction or surgical excision of this tissue as well during the procedure.

Now that we have gone over the possible indications for a labiaplasty as well as the overall description of the procedure, I will answer one of the most common questions on the minds of many women who are considering this procedure, which is, “What age should I get a labiaplasty?” When considering this procedure, many women find themselves asking if they’re too young or too old for a labiaplasty. In fact, for this procedure, age is actually not a big factor. As discussed above, this procedure is fairly short, requires minimal down time, and is performed primarily on the superficial soft tissue in the genital region. Dr. Temmen has performed safe and effective labiaplasties on patients of all ages, ranging from as young as 13 up to age 75, with great results across the board. There is no need to worry if you are the “wrong age” for a labiaplasty, because there isn’t really a wrong age. What’s important is that the patient has thought through her reasons for getting this procedure such as those discussed above, and feels confident in her decision and in her choice of a board-certified plastic surgeon who frequently performs labiaplasties with excellent outcomes. It is always a good idea also to view some real patient examples of Before and After pictures when choosing a surgeon in order to get a better idea of what kind of result you may expect. There are many photos of labiaplasty results in the Before and After section of this website that show Dr. Temmen’s consistently excellent surgical results.

Whether a woman is interested in learning more about labiaplasty due to embarrassment or dissatisfaction with her appearance or to alleviate pain and discomfort, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that this is a very personal decision, and works hard to ensure that every patient feels listened to and cared for throughout their experience. If you are interested in learning more about if you may be a candidate for this procedure, please call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today.

Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Do I Need Vaginal Tightening Surgery?

Vaginal Tightening Surgery

In the modern world, more and more women are recognizing plastic surgery as a powerful tool to help restore confidence and self-esteem in virtually any area. Procedures on the face such as rhinoplasties (or “nose jobs”) and face lifts can correct life-long insecurities or turn back the clock on aging to help patients feel confident in how they face the world each day. Surgeries performed on the body, such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks, have also become increasingly popular by helping sculpt a shapely physique, restoring patients’ self-esteem and helping them feel radiant in their little black dress, new bikini, or wearing nothing at all! Another area that women all over the world are becoming increasingly interested in targeting with plastic surgery is the genitalia. While you might not see as many billboards advertising surgery in this region of the body, many women are interested in learning more about their options for improving the appearance or function of this area through procedures such as labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, or vaginoplasty. This post will focus on vaginoplasty (also known as vaginal tightening surgery), a surgical procedure that tightens the vaginal opening and canal in women who have experienced unwanted widening of the vagina.

Many women are interested in this procedure due to unhappiness with vaginal widening caused by childbirth, menopause, or the normal aging process. Vaginal widening may cause women to experience less friction during intercourse, causing decreased sexual enjoyment, intimacy with partners, and self-esteem. Women may also notice that they have difficulty getting tampons to stay in, or that their vagina often makes embarrassing noises (called “queefing”) due to trapped air suddenly escaping during sex or physical activity. If you’ve noticed some of these signs of vaginal widening in your own body and are bothered by them, vaginoplasty may be a good option to explore. As a woman, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands the profound impact that unhappiness with this area of the body can have on the rest of a woman’s life, affecting physical comfort, confidence, and intimate relationships. Patients admire Dr. Temmen’s gentle disposition and commitment to safety, comfort, and privacy throughout all aspects of this sensitive procedure.

During a vaginoplasty, the surgeon first removes some of the stretched or scarred vaginal tissue from the wall of the vaginal canal and opening. Typically, tissue is excised from the posterior vaginal wall (the side closer to the back) rather than the anterior wall (the side closer to the belly), allowing the scar to be placed in a location with fewer nerve endings. Once the excess tissue is removed, closing the incision decreases the circumference of the vaginal canal and opening. One of the main benefits of this is increased friction during sex, allowing women to feel more pleasure and connection with intimate partners. Furthermore, the firmer vaginal tone created during this procedure can help women use tampons without freely without worry of them falling out, allowing women to live more comfortably and confidently.

A couple of the most common concerns women have who are considering this procedure are recovery and scar placement. The surgery itself usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half, and is performed outpatient. Patients are able to return home the same day, and most are able to drive and return to work after just a few days. To allow the tissues to heal, patients should not exercise, insert anything into the vagina (including tampons), or partake in sexual activity for at least six weeks. While most patients can safely resume their normal lifestyle after the initial six-week recovery period, the healing process will continue for six months to a year as the scars soften. The scarring from this surgery is very minimal, the vast majority of which is located inside the vaginal canal and so is not visible from the outside. Externally, a scar will be visible extending from the posterior wall of the vagina towards the anus (similar to a scar from an episiotomy), but it is typically small and well-camouflaged by the normal anatomy of this region. Overall, patients are happy with the quick and effective result from this procedure that leaves minimal scars behind, and allows them to enjoy a greater quality of life.

Many women are dissatisfied with the toll that child-bearing and aging have taken on the most intimate part of the body, causing decreased sexual enjoyment, unwanted lifestyle changes, and a loss of self-esteem. As a woman herself, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is uniquely positioned to understand her patients’ wishes and concerns. Dr. Temmen meets extensively one-on-one with each patient to ensure that she fully understands their desires and can address all of the worries and questions they have. If you’re interested in learning more about if this procedure may be a good option for you, take this opportunity to schedule an in-person meeting with a female board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this specialized and sensitive procedure. Call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!

labiaplasty surgery affect sexual sensation

Does Labiaplasty Surgery affect sexual sensation or function?

labiaplasty surgery affect sexual sensation

While you have probably seen lots of advertisements about using plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts, tummy, and bottom, another area that is less talked about but very important to the confidence and comfort of many women is the external genitalia. In particular, many women find that due to factors such as genetics, exercise, childbirth, and aging, they are unhappy with appearance of their labia majora and minora, or the “wings” that frame the vaginal opening.

Oftentimes, the labia may appear engorged, elongated, or asymmetrical, causing embarrassment over this very intimate area of the body. In addition, this may prevent women from donning swimsuits or tight-fitting clothing such as athletic apparel that they would otherwise enjoy wearing. In other cases, increased size or protrusion of the labia minora beyond the protective labia majora causes irritation from rubbing against clothing or pain during sexual intercourse, interfering with daily life and personal relationships.

Whether a woman is interested in learning more about labiaplasty due to embarrassment or dissatisfaction with her appearance or to alleviate pain and discomfort, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that this is a very personal decision, and ensures that every patient feels listened to and cared for from initial consultation to post-op recovery. Due to the delicate nature of the area involved in this procedure, many women have a lot of questions and concerns about labiaplasty. This post will discuss a few of the most common worries women have who are considering this procedure, including changes in sensation and sexual function after surgery and scar placement.

One common concern women have who are interested in learning more about labiaplasty is if this procedure will affect sensation or function of the area and reduce enjoyment of sexual activity. Fortunately, the labiaplasty surgery does not have a detrimental effect on sexual sensation or function. This is because this procedure is performed very superficially, only impacting the skin and underlying mucosa. The nerves supplying this region are located deeper in the pelvis, and are not affected during surgery. Therefore, sexual sensation and function are preserved. An additional benefit of this surgery is that for women undergoing labiaplasty due to enlarged labia causing pain or discomfort during sex, the reduction in the size of the labia during this procedure should make sex more comfortable and enjoyable! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen forms a detailed and personalized surgical plan with each patient, taking into account their individual anatomy and goals. Patients are consistently impressed with Dr. Temmen’s kind and calming bedside manner throughout this sensitive procedure, and her exquisite surgical skills and gentle touch ensure a great aesthetic result while preserving sensation and function.

Another common concern women have is about the location of their surgical scars following labiaplasty. Some patients worry about the scars being super obvious to themselves or a partner, or that they will cause pain during intercourse. Dr. Traci Temmen is meticulous and precise in her pre-surgical evaluation of the patient, ensuring that she knows exactly how much tissue will be removed and where the scar will be located. The surgical scar is placed on the inner surface of the labia, with the suture line oriented away from the vaginal opening. This deliberate and precise placement not only makes the scar as invisible as possible, but also minimizes irritation against clothing or during intercourse. Dr. Temmen typically recommends that patients wait about three weeks after surgery to resume light exercise and six weeks to engage in sexual activity in order to give the tissues time to heal.

Patients considering labiaplasty often have many concerns including those addressed in this post, ranging from worries about sexual function to scar placement to recovery. It is imperative that every patient finds a board-certified plastic surgeon who they feel listens to and understands their needs and desires. Patients should spend time researching plastic surgeons, ensuring that they are board-certified, have ample experience, and have before and after pictures of real patients they have worked with and achieved great results. Dr. Traci Temmen is highly skilled and experienced at performing labiaplasty procedures and consistently produces results her patients are happy with – many of these examples can be viewed in the “Before and After” section of this website. In addition, as one of the few female plastic surgeons in the area who are experienced in this procedure, Dr. Traci Temmen is uniquely positioned to understand her female patients wishes and concerns. She meets extensively one-on-one with each patient to ensure that she fully understands their desires before forming a personalized surgical plan to achieve those goals, and treats every patient as she would want a friend or family member to be treated.

While it is a great first step to learn from online resources such as this one, nothing can replace an in-person meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this specialized and sensitive procedure. Call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today!

Labiaplasty vs. Vaginal Rejuvenation

While labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation are both surgical procedures of the female genitalia, they differ in several ways. Labiaplasty surgery is designed to reduce the size of the labia minora in order to decrease discomfort and improve cosmesis.  Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a reconstructive procedure that tightens the vaginal opening and vaginal canal.


The labia minora are located inside the labia majora and consists of two folds of tissue surrounding the opening of the vagina. Just like breast size or height, the labia minora can be enlarged or asymmetric from birth or may develop these changes gradually over time.   Regardless of the reason, an enlarged or asymmetric labia minora can result in painful intercourse, difficulty finding comfortable exercise clothing, irritation of the groin area, and dissatisfaction with the overall external appearance.  Labiaplasty is the surgical reduction in size or adjustment of appearance of the labia minora. It is used to improve external appearance, correct asymmetries, and/or address discomfort experienced during exercise, sex, walking, sitting, and other activities of daily living.

Dr. Traci Temmen usually performs labiaplasty surgery under local anesthesia as in in-office procedure.  Patients can drive themselves to the office, drive home, and the surgery itself takes about 30-45 minutes.  Clitoral hood reduction, double fold excisions, perineoplasty, labia majora reduction, and fat transfer to the labia majora can often be done at the same time.  The recovery time for labiaplasty is relatively quick; patients can resume normal activities and return to school or work after approximately 2-3 days and sexual activity after 6 weeks.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – Vaginoplasty – Vaginal Tightening

 Vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty, is a surgical procedure that tightens the muscles of the vaginal wall and decreases the size of the vaginal opening.  Many women seek this procedure after vaginal deliveries or the natural effects of aging on the pelvic floor.  These patients often complain of a lack of friction during sex, tampons “falling out,” and a sensation of vaginal gaping or widening.   After undergoing vaginal tightening patients note increased sensation and friction during sex as well as a feeling of greater core tone.

Dr. Traci Temmen performs vaginal rejuvenation under general anesthesia in the operating room and takes about one to one and a half hours to perform.  Patients go home the same day, may return to work within two to three days, and can resume exercise and sexual activity after six weeks.

The cost of labiaplasty procedures typically start at $3,900 while vaginal tightening starts at $6,900; these prices may vary depending on the level of difficulty, any associated procedures, and anticipated time in the operating room. Most health insurance plans do not cover either procedure but Dr. Temmen has a variety of payment options to accommodate your financial needs. Regardless of your areas of concern or discomfort, Dr. Traci Temmen will strive to achieve the results you desire, both functionally and aesthetically.


Dr. Traci Temmen’s October 15 Plastic Surgery Patient of the Month: Labiaplasty Consultation

doctor-photo2October’s patient of the month is a 22-year-old student who had been bothered by her enlarged labia minora for years. She is an avid horse rider, and found that this activity, as well as other exercises, caused irritation and discomfort because of her protuberant labia. Her secondary concerns were aesthetic in nature, in that she did not like the way her external genitalia looked and she found it difficult to find clothes that she felt comfortable wearing. Her goals for the surgery were to reduce the size and length of her labia minora to the point where she didn’t experience discomfort with exercise or embarrassment when wearing tighter clothing. When she came to see me, my patient had already been to see another plastic surgeon, but did not feel fully comfortable with that surgeon or his approach. Thus, when she came to see me, this labiaplasty patient was looking for a technically skilled, experienced, plastic surgeon that would treat her respectfully, gently, and kindly with whom she could easily communicate.


During her initial consultation in late September, my patient met with Kim, one of our cosmetic surgery coordinators, who went over her medical history, medications, etc… and then showed her many before and after labiaplasty photos in the conference room at the Temmen Plastic Surgery. This gave my patient a chance to see a wide range of “normal” and “abnormal” external female genitalia, and to get an idea of what her postoperative result might look like. This patient had done a lot of research on labiaplasty surgeons in the Tampa area, the various surgeries performed to treat large labia, and the possible side effects. She basically knew everything she needed to know about labiaplasty surgery itself, and was just looking for a surgeon she felt comfortable with!


After meeting with Kim and viewing many labiaplasty before and after pictures, I met with the patient in the conference room, as well. There, I reviewed her medical and surgical history, explained my surgical technique, and described the expected postoperative period and recovery following labiaplasty surgery. This patient was extremely calm, clever, and well-spoken. She had very reasonable expectations for her labiaplasty surgery, was well-educated, and I felt very comfortable explaining to her my ideas and goals for her surgery


Next, the patient was taken into an examination room where I performed a quick and delicate physical examination. She explained how she did not like the way her labia minora hung past her labia majora (particularly noticeable when she was standing) and that to appear “normal” she had to “tuck” her labia minora inside the labia majora. I too noticed this, but because she has particularly small labia majora, I could not promise that I would be able to reduce the labia minora enough so that they would be completely covered by the labia majora at all times. She understood and was nonetheless happy to proceed with surgery.


Finally, Kim brought the patient back into the conference room where they discussed pricing and scheduling. The patient and her husband decided to book surgery for the latter part of September, paid the deposit to hold her date of surgery, and scheduled her preoperative labiaplasty appointment before leaving.


Stay tuned to learn about her preoperative appointment!


Traci Temmen, M.D.

Dramatic Increase in the Rise of Labiaplasty Surgery

Over the last several months to one year, Temmen Plastic Surgery has seen a dramatic increase in the number of requests for labiaplasty consultations and surgeries performed by Dr. Traci Temmen.


This experience is mirrored by a similar rise in labiaplasty consultations and surgeries performed throughout the United States and abroad.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2014 Report, labiaplasty procedures experienced a 48% increase in 2014, second only to the Brazilian butt lift and buttocks augmentation procedures, as the most rapidly increasing cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the United States.


Why the Increase in Labiaplasty Surgery Requests?


Not only is Dr. Temmen one of the few female, board-certified plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay to perform labiaplasty surgery, but her comforting bedside manner, gentle surgical technique, and laser-like attention to detail make her a natural choice for women considering labiaplasty surgery in Tampa, Florida.


However, this does not fully explain the dramatic increase in the number of labiaplasty consultations seen by Dr. Temmen at Temmen Plastic Surgery.  When asked, Dr. Temmen explained her thoughts on why more and more women are considering labiaplasty surgery:


“As grooming habits and fashion have become more revealing over the years, women’s awareness of the appearance of their external genitalia, the labia minora and labia majora, has also increased.  It is now quite common for women to shave or wax their pubic hair, making the labia minora and labia majora more visible while clothed or unclothed.  Women with enlarged, dark, or long labia minora and labia majora are often embarrassed by their appearance; shaving and waxing in this area serves to make enlarged labia even more noticeable and embarrassing.  Additionally, workout clothing has become tighter and more fashionable, sometimes highlighting or worsening the appearance of large labia.  Similarly, women today are more active than they once were.  Women now routinely participate in aggressive workout routines and sports that can aggravate, worsen, and cause pain for those patients with enlarged labia majora and labia minora.  Finally, with increasing access to the internet and communication, it is easier than ever for a woman to compare herself to other women and notice if she does not “look normal down there”.”


Why Are More Patients Choosing to Have Labiaplasty Surgery?special-labiaplasty-2

Here, Dr. Temmen explains why she thinks an ever-growing number of women are deciding to go ahead with labiaplasty surgery:

“Essentially, labiaplasty techniques have become gentler, risks have been decreased, and labiaplasty recovery is faster than ever before.  As women become more aware and/or unhappy with the appearance of their external genitalia, they look for ways to improve it!  As the national discussion over labiaplasty grows, women are becoming more educated on their options for labiaplasty surgery, the costs of labiaplasty, risks associated with labiaplasty, and how to pick the best labiaplasty surgeon.  Labiaplasty techniques are evolving as well.  As more and more plastic surgeons perform labiaplasty surgery, older, more aggressive approaches give way to gentler, more effective, and less risky labiaplasty surgery.”


At Temmen Plastic Surgery, Dr. Temmen usually performs labiaplasty surgery under local anesthesia (i.e. with the patient awake) in less than one hour.  She performs labiaplasty surgery in an outpatient setting, with the patient going home the same day, and with the patient often able to drive to and from the surgery.  Dr. Temmen usually uses the “inferior wedge” labiaplasty technique.  This evolution of the original labiaplasty technique avoids long, potentially painful scars on the edge of the labia minora and decreases the chance of postoperative complications.  Dr. Temmen knows how important a fast recovery is to her patients.  Because of this, Dr. Temmen pays particular attention to helping her patients avoid postoperative swelling and bruising by stressing the importance of compression and activity modification during the first few days following labiaplasty surgery.  It is because of her meticulous attention to detail and easy communication that Dr. Temmen’s labiaplasty patients have exceptional results as well as an easy, speedy recovery.


What Changes Do You Expect in the Field of Labiaplasty?


When asked how she thought the field of labiaplasty might continue to evolve, this is what Dr. Temmen had to say:


“Because of its increasing acceptance, improved surgical technique, and relatively low cost, I think the popularity of labiaplasty surgeries performed in the United States will continue to rise.  However, like with any other popular cosmetic surgery procedure, this also means that more and more unqualified and poorly trained practitioners will try to “get in on the action” and try their hand at labiaplasty surgery, as well.  Unfortunately, it will be up to the patient to do their research and find the best labiaplasty surgeon they can.”


To this end, Dr. Temmen suggests that women interested in labiaplasty choose a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  She recommends that patients trust their instinct and choose a labiaplasty surgeon they feel comfortable with, can easily communicate with, and believe can deliver the results they are looking for. To book your one on one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen contact us today: (813) 771-6393 or email