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Breast Lift Before and After Photos

To view before and after case studies for patients click the image or View additional angles link for more patient photos.

  • 46-Year-Old Female: Breast Lift

    The patient is a 46 year old who underwent breast reduction and breast lift with Dr. Temmen about 3 months ago. She is a mother of multiple children, including twins, and her breasts were forever changed after child bearing and breast feeding. The patient was unhappy with her large, heavy, and saggy breasts. Before surgery, she was wearing a DDD bra that she was falling out of and spilling over. Truly, before surgery, she measured more like an E/F cup but those bras were hard to find. She wanted to be a full, feminine D cup and Dr. Temmen was able to do this flawlessly with a breast reduction and lift

  • 63-Year-Old Female: Breast Lift

    Dr. Temmen performed a breast reduction and lift on this lovely 63 year old patient. She was sick and tired of her large, very heavy, and saggy breasts. She had pain in the neck and shoulders for several years, rashes underneath her breasts, and grooving in her shoulders from her bras holding up so much weight. She wanted to go down at least 2 cup sizes and lift the nipples. Dr. Temmen was able to do this with a breast reduction and lift.

  • 42-Year-Old Female: Breast Lift

    This is a 42 year old female who came to Dr. Temmen with complaints of saggy, deflated, and asymmetric breasts. She was a 36B before surgery and wanted to be a fuller B or small C which was achieved beautifully. Dr. Temmen performed a breast lift with a subtle, modest, and natural breast augmentation done with liposuction of the upper back, lateral check and axilla and fat transfer to the breasts.

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 175lbs