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Forehead Lift & Brow Lift in Tampa FL

Some of the truest tell-tale signs of age are the delicate skin and soft tissues around the eye. As we age, the forehead and eyebrows lower, accentuating excess upper eyelid skin, fullness, and lateral hooding. This brow descent can leave patients looking sad, angry, and much older than they really are. With recent advances in forehead and brow lift surgery, such as the mini forehead lift, endoscopic brow lift, and Botox brow lift, it is no longer necessary to undergo a long, painful surgery to reap the benefits of a forehead lift or brow lift! Dr. Traci Temmen’s patients can experience forehead and brow lift type rejuvenation in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!

Dr. Traci Temmen offers the most up-to-date brow lift and forehead rejuvenation techniques available. She specializes in the traditional forehead lift and brow lift, mini forehead lift, endoscopic short scar brow lift, and even the nonsurgical Botox brow lift for those needing minimal downtime and a fast recovery. Dr. Temmen is a board certified plastic surgeon with a perfectionist nature, elegant surgical skill, and warm bedside manner. At Temmen Plastic Surgery, Dr. Temmen caters to patients with discerning tastes and high standards in the luxury of her boutique cosmetic surgery office and surgical suite. If you’re finally ready to get the refreshed, youthful forehead and brow that matches how you feel on the inside, call Dr. Traci Temmen for a free brow lift consultation today.

Forehead Lift and Brow Lift Procedures

A brow lift, or forehead lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that elevates the eyebrows and soft tissues of the forehead while at the same time tightening excess forehead skin and eliminating horizontal forehead wrinkles and vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. A brow lift primarily elevates the outer eyebrow to give patients a youthful, beautifully arching eyebrow. By elevating the outer eyebrow, a brow lift, also called a forehead lift, helps smooth the soft tissues and skin of the outer eyes as well. This along with a smoothing of the forehead wrinkles leaves patients looking younger, refreshed, and more energetic.

Dr. Traci Temmen performs every variant of forehead lift and brow lift surgery from nonsurgical Botox brow lifts, to endoscopic brow lifts, mini forehead lifts, and full forehead and brow lift procedures depending on the patient’s needs and desires. Dr. Temmen is not a cookie cutter surgeon: she does not perform the same surgery the same way on every patient. Dr. Temmen carefully examines each patient and has a long discussion to determine their exact goals; she then tailor makes a brow lift surgery to exactly fit their individual anatomy and specific needs. Dr. Temmen’s forehead lift patients enjoy natural looking results that leave them refreshed and rejuvenated, not surprised, clownish, pulled too tight, or operated.

Who is a Candidate for a Forehead Lift or Brow Lift?

Almost any patient with horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical wrinkles between the brows, flat or drooping eyebrows, and lateral upper eyelid hooding or fullness may be a candidate for some type of surgical or nonsurgical brow lift procedure. Of course, patients must have realistic goals for their expected results depending on the brow lift procedure they undergo.

Who is Not a Candidate for a Forehead Lift?

To ensure the safest and best results possible, Dr. Temmen’s forehead lift and brow lift patients must have all medical problems fully addressed and appropriately managed before proceeding with surgery. Patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, or bleeding and/or blood clotting disorders are not a candidate for forehead lift surgery. Additionally, to decrease the risk of scarring, skin loss, and wound breakdown, Dr. Traci Temmen insists that patients stop smoking for at least one year before and after any cosmetic forehead or brow rejuvenation surgery.

Forehead and Brow Lift Scars

Because all cosmetic surgery patients are concerned about the scar, Dr. Traci Temmen performs each forehead and brow lift through the smallest scar possible to allow the most effective results.

Nonsurgical Botox Brow Lift Scar– A Botox brow lift uses Botox, rather than surgery, to elevate the lateral eyebrow and soften horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles. By injecting Botox into the forehead, Dr. Temmen can reduce the action of the frontalis and corrugator, the muscles that causes unwanted forehead wrinkles. By placing small amounts of Botox under the outer eyebrow, Dr. Temmen can then reduce the strength of the orbicularis oculi, the muscle that pulls the lateral eyebrow down and flat. This technique of Botox injection, known as a nonsurgical Botox brow lift, can give nice results to patients with moderate forehead and brow aging for as long as four to five months. Because there are no incisions, there are no scars from a nonsurgical Botox brow lift!

Mini Forehead Lift Scar– A mini forehead lift, sometimes called a lateral subcutaneous brow lift, is aimed at elevating the outer brow and arching the eyebrow. A mini forehead lift does little to address horizontal or vertical forehead wrinkles. During a mini forehead lift, a small incision is made at the hairline overlying the outer aspect of each eyebrow. The skin over the outer eyebrow is then elevated, excised, and secured in a higher position, elevating the outer eyebrow in the process. The mini forehead lift scar is about two to three inches long and well hidden at the edge of the hairline.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Scar– An endoscopic brow lift is ideal for patients with eyebrow descent as well as moderate horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles. Using an endoscope to decrease the size of incisions, the eyebrows and forehead skin are elevated and secured in a higher position. Endoscopic brow lift scars are hidden within the hair-bearing scalp. Depending on the technique and surgeon preference, three to five 1-2″ long endoscopic brow lift scars will be placed in the scalp. Endoscopic brow lift scars generally heal well but can occasionally have some hair loss or widening at the site of the scar.

Forehead Lift and Brow Lift Scar– A traditional forehead lift scar or brow lift scar, rarely used by Dr. Traci Temmen, extends along the entire frontal hairline or scalp from ear to ear. This incision is used to allow complete exposure and access to the forehead and brow anatomy, and results in a brow lift scar that can be 10-12″ long, depending on the size of the patient.

Forehead & Brow Lift Recovery

Dr. Traci Temmen performs her cosmetic brow lift and forehead rejuvenation surgeries in an accredited, private surgical suite. Because Dr. Temmen has complete control over the operating room, equipment, and staff, her patients are offered the utmost in privacy, comfort, cleanliness, and safety.

Like with any Botox injection, a nonsurgical Botox brow lift takes about 10 to 15 minutes and just a few injections. Rarely will patients have bruising or swelling and are simply advised to avoid rubbing the areas injected and strenuous exercise for one day.

A mini forehead lift can be performed under local anesthesia in as little as one hour. Patients may experience some swelling or bruising around the eyes, but can usually return to work in a couple days. Pain following a mini forehead lift is limited and patients enjoy a speedy recovery.

Patients undergoing an endoscopic brow lift or traditional forehead lift will have some swelling and bruising that lasts one to two weeks. Dr. Temmen’s endoscopic and traditional brow lift patients usually have drains placed in the forehead to help speed recovery and decrease postoperative complications. The drains are generally removed on the day after surgery during the first postoperative visit. A bulky dressing is worn for about a week due to the significant amount of swelling and bruising that is expected. Patients are often able to return to work after one week, drive when they are no longer taking narcotic pain medications, and return to full exercise by six weeks.

Brow Lift Cost

It goes without saying, but don’t trust your face to just anyone! Only plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery should be considered to perform your brow lift or forehead lift surgery. Dr. Temmen is proud to be one of the few female board certified plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area to offer advanced and minimally invasive forehead lift surgery, including the mini forehead lift, endoscopic brow lift, and nonsurgical Botox brow lift, to her patients.

The cost of a brow lift varies by plastic surgeon and by region of the country. The average price of a standard brow lift starts at around $3,900 including surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees. The cost of a forehead lift increases with the number of necessary procedures, revisionary surgery, complexity, and increases in planned surgical time. At the other end of the spectrum, a nonsurgical brow lift using only Botox may cost as little as $500.

Dr. Temmen offers convenient payment options for brow lifts and all other cosmetic surgery. They accept check, credit, card, and CareCredit, a credit card that offers special financing and low monthly payments for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Brow Lift Risks and Problems

Despite advances in forehead lift surgery and a transition to less and less invasive procedures, brow lift complications cannot be eliminated. Fortunately, the most common complications of a brow lift are relatively benign. Occasionally, patients may get hair loss at scars placed on the scalp or numbness of the scalp following a forehead lift. There can also be minor brow asymmetries following a brow lift that resolve over time, require temporary treatment with Botox, or could potentially require minor revisionary surgery.

A more serious forehead lift complication is a collection of blood under the skin, or hematoma, that requires surgical drainage to correct. The risk of bleeding following a brow lift is increased in male patient, those with poorly controlled, elevated blood pressure, and patients with bleeding problems or those with a history of blood thinner medications.

Another serious, but fortunately less common, risk of a forehead lift surgery is facial nerve injury resulting in forehead weakness and eyebrow asymmetry. Facial nerve injury following a brow lift is usually self-limited and resolves with conservative management.

Brow Lift Before and After

Whether you’re interested in a full brow lift, mini forehead lift, endoscopic brow lift, or Botox brow lift, Dr. Traci Temmen has a wide array of before and after forehead lift photos for you to review. Not all of the patients who have forehead lift surgery at Temmen Plastic Surgery wish to have their before and after photos on the Internet. If you don’t see the before and after brow lift photos you’re looking for in the Gallery section of Dr. Temmen’s website, there are many more before and after forehead lift pictures available for viewing during a consultation.