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Labia Majora Reduction Tampa FL

The desire to lift or reshape the body isn’t limited to the breasts, face, or abdomen. Because of changing fashions, aesthetics, or discomfort, many women all over the world are undergoing reshaping, reduction, and lifting of the labia majora, commonly described as the “outer lips” of the vagina. Often broadly referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, elective cosmetic surgery of the female genitalia is becoming more and more popular as women have greater access to and information about these procedures. Dr. Traci Temmen in Tampa, Florida specializes in elective cosmetic surgery of the genitalia including labia majora reduction. Dr. Temmen’s perfectionist nature, excellent surgical results, and approachable, calming demeanor has made her one the leading plastic surgeons in this growing field.

What is Labia Majora Reduction Surgery

The labia majora are the larger, hair-bearing “outer lips” located on either side of the vaginal opening. Because of genetics, weight gain, pregnancy, or simply aging, many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their labia majora. Some women may be bothered by long, hanging labia majora that contribute to an aged or deflated appearance of the genitalia. Other women are unhappy with an overly large or full labia majora commonly referred to as a “camel toe.” Either type of labia majora can cause physical discomfort in certain tight-fitting clothes or activities as well as unhappiness with the cosmetic appearance. Labia majora reduction surgery is just as the name implies- it is a procedure designed to tighten, lift, and reduce the overall size of the labia majora resulting in a smaller, firmer, more youthful appearance.

Who is a Good Candidate for Labia Majora Reduction

The best candidates for a labia majora reduction are healthy, non-smoking women who are not in the process of actively losing significant amounts of weight. Patients interested in labia majora reduction are usually unhappy with the length or bulk of the labia majora and should also have realistic expectations for their surgery. When first meeting via virtual consultation or an in-person appointment, Dr. Traci Temmen carefully reviews with each patient considering a labia majora reduction all aspects of their medical history, concerns, and desired surgical results.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Labia Majora Reduction

Women with uncontrolled medical problems, those who are recently post-partum, or women with open wounds or sores of the vulva are not good candidates for labia majora reduction. Dr. Traci Temmen and her staff in Tampa, Florida provide each patient all the necessary information to help decide if they are a good candidate for labia majora reduction during in-person or virtual consultations.

Labia Majora Reduction Scars

The scar from labia majora reduction surgery is a single line placed on the inner portion of the labia majora, usually at the junction of the hair-bearing and non-hair-bearing skin. While it takes up to a year to fully mature and fade, the labia majora reduction scar is usually positioned in such a way that it is minimally visible when sitting or standing. Dr. Traci Temmen will fully explain what to expect regarding scar placement and healing following labia majora reduction surgery.

Recovery After Labia Majora Reduction

Dr. Traci Temmen usually performs labia majora reduction under local anesthesia in her Tampa, Florida office. Labia majora reduction can also be performed with other procedures such as labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, or fat transfer to the labia majora. Patients are completely awake, can drive to and from the office, and go home the same day with minimal pain. Most patients require only one to two days of narcotic pain medicine and are able to return to work in the same amount of time. Following labia majora reduction, Dr. Temmen also recommends avoiding exercise, sex, and the use of tampons for six weeks.

Cost of Labia Majora Reduction

The price of labia majora reduction with Dr. Traci Temmen in Tampa, Florida starts at approximately $4,900 when performed under local anesthesia as a solitary procedure. If performed in combination with other procedures, the cost of labia majora reduction may be less depending on the other associated surgeries. However, performing labia majora reduction under general anesthesia, increased complexity, and additional anticipated time in the operating will increase the cost of labia majora reduction. Dr. Temmen’s staff will go over all pricing and financing information with you at the time of your initial consultation in order to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Risks of Labia Majora Reduction

The complications associated with labia majora reduction are usually minor problems such as delayed wound healing, small amounts of bleeding, or minor asymmetries. Fortunately, more serious complications such as painful scarring or gaping of the labia majora are very rare. Dr. Traci Temmen has years of experience performing the delicate surgeries of the female genitalia and believes that the best way to treat a complication is to avoid it in the first place. Her exacting surgical technique and perfectionist nature ensures the best possible outcome following a labia majora reduction.

Before and After Labia Majora Reduction Photos

Dr. Traci Temmen is a leader in labia majora reduction and other surgeries of the female genitalia such as labiaplasty, fat transfer to the labia majora, vaginal rejuvenation, and vaginal tightening surgery. A sampling of before and after labia majora reduction photos can be found on her website while additional labia majora reduction photographs can be viewed in her office during an initial consultation.

To schedule a consultation for labia majora reduction, or other surgeries of the female genitalia such as fat transfer to the labia majora or labiaplasty, call Dr. Traci Temmen at her Tampa, Florida office today: 813-771-6393.