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Vaginal Tightening Surgery (Vaginoplasty) Tampa, Fl

As plastic surgery becomes less taboo and people become more educated about their bodies and available treatment options, more and more women are considering vaginal tightening surgery to treat the feeling of vaginal widening or looseness. Vaginal widening is usually caused by pregnancy, a traumatic vaginal delivery, or a difficult hysterectomy, but it can also be an effect of menopause or the normal aging process. Dr. Traci Temmen is an experienced and skilled female plastic surgeon in Florida that specializes in vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening surgery.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vaginoplasty

While vaginal rejuvenation is a catch-all phase referring to elective procedures performed on the female genitalia, vaginoplasty is a surgery specifically designed to tighten the vaginal opening as well as the vaginal canal.  During vaginal tightening surgery, Dr. Temmen removes the redundant or scarred tissue from the walls of the posterior aspect of the vaginal canal and vaginal opening.  Once closed, the circumference of the vaginal canal and opening are narrowed, and the stretched and thinned tissues of the perineum are reconstructed.  This surgery is performed on the posterior aspect of the vagina and avoids scar placement on the anterior vaginal wall where the majority of nerve endings are located.  During vaginoplasty, the integrity and strength of the vaginal canal is restored resulting in a tighter, more narrow vagina and vaginal opening.

Who is a Candidate for Vaginal Tightening Surgery

The ideal candidate for vaginal rejuvenation with vaginal tightening surgery has no major medical problems, is near their ideal weight, and does not have a history of blood clots or smoking.

Usually, patients considering vaginal tightening surgery are bothered by a lack of friction during sex, may note that tampons fall out during use, and can experience embarrassing noises during sex due to air becoming trapped inside the vagina then suddenly escaping (i.e. queefing).  Some women notice these changes after vaginal delivery, other pelvic surgeries, aging, or menopause.  However, other women notice a lack of friction during sex when a new sexual partner is smaller than the norm or has issues with erectile dysfunction.

Who is Not a Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation with Vaginoplasty

Women with uncontrolled medical problems, tobacco use, or a history of blood clots are not good candidates for surgery.  Additionally, women who have not completed growing their families or who have chronic cough or constipation should have these issues addressed before proceeding with surgery.

Vaginoplasty Scars

The scarring from vaginal tightening surgery is very minimal.  The majority of the surgery is performed internally in the vaginal canal and thus these scars are not visible.  Externally, there is a vertical scar extending from the posterior aspect of the vagina towards the anus.  This scar is similar to an episiotomy scar and usually blends in with the normal raphe located in this area.

Recovery Following Vaginal Tightening

Dr. Traci Temmen in Tampa, Florida performs vaginal tightening surgery in the operating room under general anesthesia.  The surgery takes approximately one to one and a half hours to complete and patients go home the same day.  All sutures are dissolvable and most patients only require narcotic pain medications for a day or two.  Most patients may drive and return to work in two to three days.  Patients are not allowed to exercise and must follow vaginal precautions for six weeks (i.e. no sex, no tampon use, and nothing inserted into the vagina).  Out-of-town patients should plan on staying in Tampa, Florida for three to five days following their vaginal rejuvenation surgery with Dr. Temmen.  Most patients are ready to resume sexual activity at six weeks; however, some patients do experience tenderness at the incision site.  Normal vaginal tissues stretch over time and painful scarring resolves as the incisions continue to mature for up to six months to one year after surgery.

Just like other areas of the body, the vaginal tissues and pelvic floor continue to age even after vaginal rejuvenation surgery.  To promote pelvic floor strength and results of the vaginal tightening surgery, Dr. Temmen and other up-to-date genital surgeons recommend six weeks of pelvic floor physical therapy following a vaginal tightening procedure.

Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation with Vaginal Tightening

The cost of vaginal tightening surgery with Dr. Traci Temmen starts at $9,900 and may vary depending on complexity and anticipated time in the operating room.  This price of vaginal rejuvenation includes all preoperative, postoperative, and follow-up appointments as well as Dr. Temmen’s surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee.  Not included in this price is the necessary preoperative testing and any prescribed medications.  The final price will be given to you during your initial in-person consultation or during a virtual consultation.

Risks of Vaginoplasty Surgery

Like all surgeries, there is always the risk of bleeding, infection, or scarring following a vaginal tightening surgery.  However, the risks specific to vaginal rejuvenation surgery include injury to the bowel or rectum, over or under-tightening of the vagina, recurrence, and wound healing problems.  However, these risks are minimized by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in female external genitalia surgery, labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Before and After Vaginal Tightening Photos

Due to the extraordinarily personal nature of vaginal rejuvenation, and the fact that most of the vaginal tightening surgery is performed internally, it is difficult to show high quality before and after vaginoplasty photos.  However, Dr. Temmen and her staff in Tampa, Florida have many more vaginal tightening surgery before and after pictures for demonstration during an initial consultation in the Tampa, Florida office.

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