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Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora / Labia Majora Rejuvenation Tampa FL

In the standing or sitting position, the labia majora, or outer lips, are the most visible components of a woman’s external genitalia. Like other parts of the body, the labia majora can show signs of aging, particularly when combined with weight fluctuations, child-bearing, and genetic predispositions. Many women are bothered by a deflated, loose, or “hanging” appearance of the labia majora, and thus experience discomfort or embarrassment. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy solution for women considering labia majora rejuvenation. Dr. Traci Temmen, a female plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, routinely performs fat transfer to the labia majora, as well as injectable dermal fillers, for women wanting a fuller, more youthful, and plumper appearance of the labia majora. Dr. Temmen is a leader in vaginal rejuvenation surgery, fat transfer to the labia majora, and other procedures of the female genitalia. She has years of experience performing these delicate and sensitive surgeries while restoring a woman’s confidence, appearance, and function.

What is Labia Majora Rejuvenation

Generally speaking, labia majora rejuvenation is a combination of surgeries or procedures designed to give the labia majora a more youthful appearance. Aesthetic labia majora are full, firm, and form a smooth contour at the junction of the upper female thighs.  Like most standards of beauty, the ideal labia majora varies based on culture and geography. Some women find a full, plump labia majora attractive, while other women prefer a small, compact labia majora. Either way, fat transfer to the labia majora can be used to augment and increase the size of the natural labia majora or to inflate and rejuvenate a deflated, aged appearing labia majora. To provide optimal results, Dr. Temmen often performs fat transfer to the labia majora in combination with labia majora reduction. This combination of procedures acts similar to a breast augmentation with lift- the labia majora reduction removes excess, hanging skin while the fat transfer provides the optimal amount of fullness and softness.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

Patients considering fat transfer to the labia majora usually fall into two categories:  1) women looking to achieve a sexy, curvy torso while increasing the fullness of the labia majora and mons pubis, and 2) women wishing to rejuvenate a deflated, sagging, or aged labia majora with fat transfer and possibly a labia majora reduction. Like all elective cosmetic surgeries, the best candidates for fat transfer to the labia majora are non-smoking women near their ideal weight with all medical problems under control. Additionally, women interested in fat transfer to the labia majora must have adequate stores of fat available to harvest with liposuction. The amount of fat needed for fat transfer to the labia majora and/or mons pubis varies depending on the desired result.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

Women who have recently given birth, are in the process of losing significant amounts of weight, or who have uncontrolled medical problems are not ideal candidates for fat transfer to the labia majora. Additionally, patients considering labia majora rejuvenation with fat transfer should have enough excess fat available for harvest without causing a contour deformity or unattractive result during liposuction. For those women who simply do not have enough fat for transfer, dermal fillers may also be an option to fill and rejuvenate the labia majora. Dr. Traci Temmen will discuss all options of labia majora rejuvenation during your consultation in Tampa, Florida or via virtual consultation.

Labia Majora Rejuvenation Scars

When only liposuction with fat transfer to the labia majora is performed, the scars following labia majora rejuvenation are almost imperceptible. During the surgery, tiny cannulas are used to collect and transfer the fat into the labia majora. These tiny puncture wounds are often so small that they are barely visible or closed with a single stitch. Additionally, Dr. Temmen tries to place all scars in the most hidden, inconspicuous location possible. When labia majora reduction is performed in combination with fat transfer to the labia majora, there is an additional linear scar along the inner aspect of the labia majora.

Recovery After Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

When done as a single procedure or in combination with labia majora reduction, Dr. Temmen usually performs fat transfer to the labia majora under local anesthesia in her Tampa, Florida office. Patients are completely awake during the procedure, are able to drive to and from the office on the day of surgery, go home the same day, and have little downtime or pain. Most patients taken little if any narcotic pain medicine and are able to return to work in one to two days. Similar to other surgeries of the external genitalia, patients must avoid strenuous exercise, vaginal intercourse, tampon use, and sitting in standing water for six weeks following fat transfer to the labia majora. Depending on the donor site location and amount of fat harvested, Dr. Temmen may recommend compression garments at the site of liposuction for six weeks following surgery. Rarely, when large volumes of liposuction are performed, a drain may be placed in the liposuction donor site to reduce postoperative draining and swelling.

Cost of Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

The price of fat transfer to the labia majora with Dr. Traci Temmen starts at $4,900 when performed under local anesthesia. The cost of labia majora rejuvenation increases when combined with other procedures, when performed under general anesthesia, and when larger volumes of liposuction are performed. The staff at Dr. Temmen’s office in Tampa, Florida will go over all aspects of pricing during your initial in-person or virtual consultation.

Risks of Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

Like all fat transfer procedures, not all of the fat that is transferred to the labia majora survives the procedure. Because of this uncertainty, some patients may ultimately prefer a fuller final result and thus consider a second round of liposuction and fat transfer to the labia majora in order to achieve the desired result. To avoid this side effect, Dr. Temmen usually over-fills the labia majora during fat transfer to compensate for this expected loss in volume. Additionally, it is possible to have asymmetries, excess volume, or donor site defects following liposuction with fat transfer to the labia majora. Dr. Traci Temmen is a perfectionist that treats her patients like her family. She takes every precaution and always goes the extra mile to ensure a safe, natural, and beautiful result.

Before and After Rejuvenation of the Labia Majora with Fat Transfer Photos

Dr. Traci Temmen specializes in fat transfer to the labia majora, labia majora reduction, labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, and other cosmetic surgeries of the female genitalia. Please visit the gallery section of her website to see a selection of before and after fat transfer to the labia majora photos. It should be noted that fine details such as firmness and improvements in symmetry are difficult to appreciate in photographs. Additional before and after labia majora rejuvenation photos are available for viewing during your in-person consultation in the Tampa, Florida office. To schedule a complimentary consultation regarding fat transfer to the labia majora, please call the office today at 813-771-6393.