Liposuction Before and After Photos

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  • Liposuction Patient 1

    Your Results May Vary. This 38 year old female was unhappy with the excess fat of her thighs and abdomen. She saw Dr. Traci Temmen at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa for liposuction of her abdomen, iliac rolls, flanks, and inner and outer thighs. Using tiny incisions and the tumescent technique, Dr. Temmen performed gentle liposuction of this patient’s abdomen and thighs to give her a sculpted, toned, and trim postoperative appearance. Using this type of liposculpting, the patient was able to avoid a tummy tuck and still get the results of her dreams!

  • Liposuction Patient 2

    Your Results May Vary. This 40 year old former fitness model was unhappy with the small amount of fullness and excess fat in her inner and outer thighs. She wanted liposculpture of her thighs but with a very natural and subtle result. Dr. Traci Temmen performed precise, gentle liposuction on her thighs at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, giving her the toned, refined, and shapely thighs she desired.

  • Liposuction Patient 3

    Your Results May Vary. The patient is a 53 year old female who was still unhappy with her shape and the appearance of her buttocks after undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction by previous surgeons. She presented to Dr. Traci Temmen requesting a Brazilian butt lift. The patient underwent revision liposuction of the abdomen, back, sides, and muffin top along with fat transfer to the buttocks. To give her a dramatic, sexy result, Dr. Temmen injected a little over 700cc’s of at into each buttocks during the patient’s Brazilian butt lift procedure. Postoperatively, the patient has a dramatic result with the creation of an hour glass waist, curving hips, and a firm, prominent buttocks.

  • Liposuction Patient 4

    Your Results May Vary. The patient is a 30 year old female who had been unhappy with her apple shape and small, flat buttocks since she was a young girl. After the birth of her two children, she decided to see Dr. Traci Temmen at the Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa for a Brazilian butt lift consultation. After examining her, Dr. Temmen explained that she was a great candidate for surgery and performed a Brazilian butt lift by doing liposuction of her abdomen, back, iliac rolls, and muffin top, and injecting the fat into her buttocks. She had 650cc of fat transferred to each side, or 1300cc total, during her Brazilian butt lift procedure. Postoperatively she had a dramatic change in shape because of the three dimensional liposuction and has the perky, firm, round buttocks she had always dreamed of.

  • Liposuction Patient 5

    Your Results May Vary. The patient is a 31 year old female who came to see Dr. Temmen for a Brazilian butt lift and liposculpture consultation. She complained of a small, flat buttocks and stubborn pockets of fat in her lower back and “muffin top” areas. With minimal scars, Dr. Traci Temmen performed a Brazilian butt lift by liposuctioning the abdomen, back, flanks, and love handles, and transferring the fat to the buttocks. Because of her small natural size and relatively little excess fat, only 300cc of fat was injected into each buttock. Postoperatively, she has a more elegant shape, a tiny waist, and more prominent buttocks.