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labiaplasty surgery affect sexual sensation

Does Labiaplasty Surgery affect sexual sensation or function?

While you have probably seen lots of advertisements about using plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts, tummy, and bottom, another area that is less talked about but very important to the confidence and comfort of many women is the external genitalia. In particular, many women find that due to factors such as genetics, exercise, childbirth, and aging, they are unhappy with appearance of their labia majora and minora, or the “wings” that frame the vaginal opening.

Oftentimes, the labia may appear engorged, elongated, or asymmetrical, causing embarrassment over this very intimate area of the body. In addition, this may prevent women from donning swimsuits or tight-fitting clothing such as athletic apparel that they would otherwise enjoy wearing. In other cases, increased size or protrusion of the labia minora beyond the protective labia majora causes irritation from rubbing against clothing or pain during sexual intercourse, interfering with daily life and personal relationships.

Whether a woman is interested in learning more about labiaplasty due to embarrassment or dissatisfaction with her appearance or to alleviate pain and discomfort, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that this is a very personal decision, and ensures that every patient feels listened to and cared for from initial consultation to post-op recovery. Due to the delicate nature of the area involved in this procedure, many women have a lot of questions and concerns about labiaplasty. This post will discuss a few of the most common worries women have who are considering this procedure, including changes in sensation and sexual function after surgery and scar placement.

One common concern women have who are interested in learning more about labiaplasty is if this procedure will affect sensation or function of the area and reduce enjoyment of sexual activity. Fortunately, the labiaplasty surgery does not have a detrimental effect on sexual sensation or function. This is because this procedure is performed very superficially, only impacting the skin and underlying mucosa. The nerves supplying this region are located deeper in the pelvis, and are not affected during surgery. Therefore, sexual sensation and function are preserved. An additional benefit of this surgery is that for women undergoing labiaplasty due to enlarged labia causing pain or discomfort during sex, the reduction in the size of the labia during this procedure should make sex more comfortable and enjoyable! Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen forms a detailed and personalized surgical plan with each patient, taking into account their individual anatomy and goals. Patients are consistently impressed with Dr. Temmen’s kind and calming bedside manner throughout this sensitive procedure, and her exquisite surgical skills and gentle touch ensure a great aesthetic result while preserving sensation and function.

Another common concern women have is about the location of their surgical scars following labiaplasty. Some patients worry about the scars being super obvious to themselves or a partner, or that they will cause pain during intercourse. Dr. Traci Temmen is meticulous and precise in her pre-surgical evaluation of the patient, ensuring that she knows exactly how much tissue will be removed and where the scar will be located. The surgical scar is placed on the inner surface of the labia, with the suture line oriented away from the vaginal opening. This deliberate and precise placement not only makes the scar as invisible as possible, but also minimizes irritation against clothing or during intercourse. Dr. Temmen typically recommends that patients wait about three weeks after surgery to resume light exercise and six weeks to engage in sexual activity in order to give the tissues time to heal.

Patients considering labiaplasty often have many concerns including those addressed in this post, ranging from worries about sexual function to scar placement to recovery. It is imperative that every patient finds a board-certified plastic surgeon who they feel listens to and understands their needs and desires. Patients should spend time researching plastic surgeons, ensuring that they are board-certified, have ample experience, and have before and after pictures of real patients they have worked with and achieved great results. Dr. Traci Temmen is highly skilled and experienced at performing labiaplasty procedures and consistently produces results her patients are happy with – many of these examples can be viewed in the “Before and After” section of this website. In addition, as one of the few female plastic surgeons in the area who are experienced in this procedure, Dr. Traci Temmen is uniquely positioned to understand her female patients wishes and concerns. She meets extensively one-on-one with each patient to ensure that she fully understands their desires before forming a personalized surgical plan to achieve those goals, and treats every patient as she would want a friend or family member to be treated.

While it is a great first step to learn from online resources such as this one, nothing can replace an in-person meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this specialized and sensitive procedure. Call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today!