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Brazilian Mommy Makeover

What is a Brazilian Mommy Makeover?

Brazilian Mommy Makeover

Most people agree that having children is one of the most rewarding parts of life. Unfortunately, many women are not so happy with the effects pregnancy and aging have on the body. Many women are dissatisfied with breasts that appear saggy and deflated, an abdomen with extra sagging skin and fat that hides their natural curves, and a rear end that is flat and boxy. These natural body changes can leave women feeling disappointed and defeated, longing for the youthful body they once had. Fortunately, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen can offer a solution! The Brazilian Mommy Makeover is an all-in-one full body transformation that may target the bust, abdomen, and butt to help women feel rejuvenated and confident again. This blog post will discuss the components of this procedure as well as who may be a good candidate for it.

First, let’s discuss the components that make up the Brazilian Mommy Makeover. Traditionally, this procedure targets the abdomen and buttocks, with some patients also adding breast enhancement. The first part of the Brazilian Mommy Makeover works to create a flatter, more sculpted abdomen through liposuction, tummy tuck, or a combination depending on patient preferences. The combined liposuction and tummy tuck techniques is a popular choice that first utilizes liposuction to gently sculpt the abdomen into an attractive hourglass while targeting problem areas like the flanks, bank, and sides. Then, excess sagging tissue and skin is removed from the front of the abdomen via a horizontal incision that sits just below the bikini line, tightening and flattening the abdomen.

The next component of the Brazilian Mommy Makeover is what makes it “Brazilian”- the Brazilian Butt Lift! During the BBL, fat that was liposuctioned from the abdomen, back and sides is gently purified and injected into the buttocks to create soft, natural-looking volume without the use of butt implants or synthetic materials. One great feature of the BBL is that different volumes of fat can be precisely injected into various aspects of the buttocks according to the patient’s anatomy and desires. For example, transferring more fat to the sides can fill in stubborn “hip dips”, while injecting more into the back can increase projection. Dr. Temmen takes her time getting to know her patients and their goals during one-on-one discussions in order to tailor this procedure to suit their needs. Patients are thrilled with the results of their BBL to lift and fill out the buttocks, creating the round, full shape they’ve always dreamed of!

Many patients also choose to add breast enhancement to the Brazilian Mommy Makeover for a full body transformation. Dr. Traci Temmen offers patients a variety of options to best suit their desires, including breast lift, breast implants, combined breast lift with implants, or breast reduction. Many women choose the combined option of breast lift with implants. In this procedure, Dr. Temmen first removes excess sagging skin and tissue from the breasts in order to elevate their position on the chest wall and create a perkier, more youthful appearance. Then, breast implants are placed to add beautiful volume and create a full, round shape. Dr. Temmen is proud to offer an array of options, and spends time one-on-one going over the pros and cons of each one to help the patient choose the best option for them.

As you can see, the Brazilian Mommy Makeover truly is highly customizable and truly is the whole package. When meeting with Dr. Temmen, patients can discuss their goals in detail so they can form the perfect personalized plan to help them meet their goals. Ideal candidates for this procedure include women who are done child-bearing and breastfeeding so that the effects of surgery are not impacted by future changes associated with pregnancy. Additionally, patients should be in good health overall, near their ideal body weight, and have not smoked in the past 9-12 months. Every patient will also undergo a thorough history and physical during the initial consultation, as well as any necessary preoperative lab work or imaging. Dr. Temmen prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of her patients above all else, and is fastidious in her evaluation to ensure the safest possible surgery. Patients love her thorough technique and attention to detail, as well as her gentle bedside manner that makes patients feel comfortable and cared for from initial consultation to post-operative follow-up. Simply read her patient reviews and view examples of real patient results in the Gallery section of this website to see for yourself! If you like what you see and would like to learn more about this life-changing procedure, please call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!

Tummy tuck vs mommy makeover

Quarantine Bod Edition: Tummy Tuck vs Mommy Makeover

Tummy tuck vs mommy makeover

The covid-19 vaccines are starting to roll out and summer is on the horizon, leaving many people feeling less than pleased with their post-quarantine bod! As society starts to move towards a new “normal”, this is the perfect time to resume thinking about all of the things that got put on the back burner. For many women, that may include revisiting some of the elective procedures they were considering before the pandemic hit and everyone stayed safe at home. This blog post will focus on the tummy tuck and the mommy makeover, two procedures offered by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen to help contour the body and leave people saying “Wow, she must have done quarantine right!” This post will compare and contrast these two options to help women start to think about which one may be better suited to their goals.

First, let’s talk about the tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgical procedure that has long been popularized in the media for creating a flatter, smoother tummy. In this procedure, Dr. Temmen first performs liposuction to remove unwanted stubborn fat from the stomach, back, and sides. This also has an overall smoothing and slimming effect, and can help accentuate the waistline to bring out the patient’s natural curves. Once this step is complete, Dr. Temmen removes excess skin and tissue from the abdomen via a horizontal incision that runs under the bikini line. This helps flatten the stomach and pull the skin tighter across the abdomen to eliminate the dreaded “pooch” area. Dr. Temmen may also pull together the underlying abdominal muscles in this area if they have stretched apart to further cinch in the waistline. The result of this procedure is slimmer, shapelier midsection free from excess flabby skin. And the best part is that the surgical scar can be easily concealed beneath most standard underwear or bikini bottoms, so no one else has to know!

For those looking to go one step further, the mommy makeover may be right for you! This procedure is a combination of the tummy tuck with liposuction as well as breast enhancement, providing a full-body transformation. In this surgery, Dr. Temmen performs body-contouring liposuction and removes unwanted extra skin with a tummy tuck, but she doesn’t stop there! For the mommy makeover, patients may choose to enhance their breasts through a variety of options including breast augmentation with implants, fat transfer to the breasts, or augmentation with a breast lift. Dr. Temmen works individually with each patient to choose the perfect option that best suits their body and aesthetic goals. Breast implants can provide additional volume and fullness to the breasts. Fat transfer to the breasts is another way to add soft, natural-looking volume to the breasts without the use of implants. Lastly, a breast lift may be desired by women who feel that their breasts are sagging and could benefit from a little pick-me-up! Some women may also choose to combine a breast lift with augmentation during a mommy makeover to add beautiful volume while also lifting the breasts, creating a fuller, perkier look. When it comes to the mommy makeover, as you can see this procedure is very customizable to suit your individual needs. Dr. Traci Temmen takes pride in working with each patient to design the perfect procedure for them, and patients appreciate her thorough, meticulous approach and kind bedside manner.

As the world starts to emerge from its quarantine bubble, now is a great time to show some love to yourself for making it through these difficult times! And what better way to do that than through a life-changing full body transformation? Whether you’re more interested in liposuction with a tummy tuck, a mommy makeover, or aren’t sure yet, Dr. Traci Temmen has the perfect option for you to transform your body and take your self-confidence to a whole new level. To see real patient examples by Dr. Temmen, visit the “Tummy Tuck” and “Mommy Makeover” sections of the Gallery tab on this website. If decide you’d like to learn more about if you may be a good candidate for either of these procedures, simply call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!

Mommy Makeover Surgeon

How soon after pregnancy can I get a mommy makeover?

Mommy Makeover Surgeon

The time period following the birth of a new baby is so exciting – filled with joy, love, and lots of new memories as a new life is welcomed into the world! Most mothers are thrilled about their new little bundle of joy – but many are not so happy about the toll pregnancy has taken on their body, leaving them with an enlarged abdomen, saggy skin, and stretch marks. While plenty of women embrace these “battle scars”, others feel less confident, unattractive, or just not like themselves due to these changes to their bodies. While some post-pregnancy changes improve with time and lifestyle changes, women are sometimes disappointed that they are not able to get their “pre-baby body” back despite all of their hard work. For these people, cosmetic surgical procedures such as the “mommy makeover” may be a good option to explore! In this post, I will explain this procedure in detail as well as answer a common question asked by moms who are eager to get their body back: How soon after pregnancy can I get a mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover is a highly effective combination of a tummy tuck with liposuction (or liposuction alone, if desired) and a breast augmentation procedure. Prior to the tummy tuck portion of this procedure and according to patient preferences, Dr. Traci Temmen performs targeted liposuction to remove fat from the stomach, back and sides in order to sculpt a slimmer, shapelier physique. This helps create an hourglass figure, in addition to eliminating stubborn lower back fat and muffin tops. Performing liposuction first also slightly reduces the size of the incision that must be made to achieve optimal results during the tummy tuck portion of the procedure, resulting in a smaller scar. Most patients are very pleased that the scar from their tummy tuck is only slightly longer than a C-section scar, and can usually be easily concealed behind a pair of underwear or bikini bottoms. After liposuction, the standard tummy tuck technique is used to remove excess fat and skin is from the abdomen, creating a flatter, tighter stomach. This helps remove saggy skin and stretch marks acquired during pregnancy, eliminating the post-partum “pooch”.

In addition to liposuction and a tummy tuck, the mommy makeover procedure also includes breast augmentation to enhance the appearance of the breasts. Many women are unhappy with the shape, size, or symmetry of their breasts after the toll of pregnancy, breast-feeding, and aging. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen works closely with each patient to form a surgical plan that perfectly suits their anatomy, lifestyle, and aesthetic desires. The breast augmentation portion of the mommy makeover is extensively personalized to each unique patient. Many women are unhappy that their breasts hang lower than they would like and are good candidates for a breast lift, where excess tissue is removed from the breast and it is lifted to a higher position on the chest wall. This helps the breasts appear more youthful and perky. Depending on patient preferences, Dr. Temmen can also place breast implants during a mommy makeover to increase breast fullness and add beautiful, natural-looking volume. There are many different types and sizes of implants to choose from, and Dr. Temmen spends one-on-one time with each patient going over the different options to help every patient find the perfect match.

As you can see, the mommy makeover is a combination of procedures designed to target many of the key areas women are unhappy with after child-bearing in order to create a more youthful, slim, and shapely physique that makes every woman feel radiant and confident. So now the question is, how long does a woman have to wait after pregnancy to have this life-changing procedure? It is typically recommended that women wait at least six months to have this procedure to allow time for the tissues to recover after pregnancy. This gives time for the uterus to contract, abdominal wall muscles to tighten, and overlying tissue and skin to contract to their full extent. (While it may take about six to twelve weeks for the uterus to contract back to its original size, it takes six to twelve months for the abdominal muscles to return to their original positions and for the overlying abdominal skin to contract.) To ensure patient safety and produce the best result, a mommy makeover should not be performed sooner than six months after pregnancy, and it is typically recommended that patients wait six to twelve months to give the body time to recover. It should be noted that having a mommy makeover (or surgery in general, particularly intra-abdominal surgery) immediately following vaginal birth or C-section is associated with an increased risk of dangerous complications such as blood clots and significantly increased overall mortality, and should therefore never be pursued. In addition, a woman should ideally be done have children before deciding to have this procedure as the body will change with subsequent pregnancies, undoing much of the work that was done. Finally, it is preferred that a woman is at her normal, healthy, ideal weight before having a mommy makeover in order to reduce the chance of significant weight changes after the procedure having a negative impact on the results. In summary, it is important that every woman wait six to twelve months following pregnancy, and ideally be finished having children and at her stable, ideal body weight before having a mommy makeover. It is well worth the wait to ensure patient safety as well as the best-looking result!

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen’s impeccable surgical skills and gentle bedside manner make her the perfect choice for helping women get their body confidence back through the highly effective combination of procedures known as the mommy makeover. To view some examples of real patient transformations by Dr. Temmen, go to the “Mommy Makeover” section of the Before and After tab on this website. To learn more about if you may be a good candidate for this procedure or any other cosmetic procedure you may be interested in, call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!