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Dr. Temmen Plastic Surgeonn

What questions should I ask my Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Temmen Plastic Surgeonn

Although pop culture often portrays plastic surgery as straightforward and easy, in reality the decision to have plastic surgery (just like any other kind of surgery) is a big one, and requires ample thought and preparation. There are many factors to consider, including finding the right surgeon, ensuring that your surgery will be performed in a safe environment, and of course choosing the right surgical option for you. Trying to weigh all of these considerations can feel very overwhelming! This is why this blog post is about the top questions you should be sure to address with your plastic surgeon, providing a short and sweet guide to help you get started on your journey.

When considering plastic surgery, one of the most important things to do first is ensure that you are only considering plastic surgeons who are board-certified and have extensive experience performing your procedure of interest. It is not adequate to be board-certified in another area of surgery, as only those who are board certified in plastic surgery have the highly specialized skill set necessary to optimize your safety, as well as the chances of getting an aesthetically pleasing result. In addition to ensuring board certification, it is also a good idea to ask how often the surgeon performs the procedure you are interested in. After all, it makes sense that someone who performs many procedures per week versus only a couple per month has had much more experience perfecting their craft. Another important question to ask your surgeon is where the surgery will be performed. Pay close attention to ensure that it is a fully accredited surgical facility that has been verified to be clean, up to code, and fully equipped with everything needed to respond in a life-threatening emergency. Dr. Traci Temmen operates at Temmen Plastic Surgery, a private surgical center that meets hospital standards and has been approved by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Finally, it is important to know not just the credentials of your surgeon, but also the entire surgical team that will be taking care of you. Asking about the other team members such as anesthesia, nursing, and any other assistants will help you learn exactly who will be involved in your case from start to finish.

Once you feel comfortable with your surgeon, surgical setting, and the rest of your surgical team, you should also ask questions to learn more about the specific surgery you are interested in. Important questions for any surgery include going over the risks and benefits. All surgery entails risks such as bleeding, blood clots, and infection, but there may be additional, more specific risks depending on the specific surgery. Likewise, it is important to consider the potential benefits of the surgery, such as improved self-confidence and quality of life. In addition, it is also a good idea to ask what your expected outcome would be, or what kind of outcomes the surgeon has seen in patients similar to you. To help answer this question, be sure to ask to see examples of previous patient before and after photos to show you the quality of their work and give you an idea of what you can expect. Along similar lines, it is also helpful to ask how the surgeon would tailor the surgery you’re interested in to fit your body and aesthetic goals. Dr. Temmen understands that plastic surgery is never a one-size-fits-all affair, and requires careful personalization to the unique patient to get the most beautiful and natural-looking result.

Lastly, a few more questions you may want to ask your plastic surgeon pertain to recovery. Assessing the estimated recovery time, what activity restrictions you will have, and what your follow-up will be is important for planning your life and schedule at the item of surgery. Specific questions that may be helpful to ask your surgeon include when they expect that you can drive, return to work, and exercise, as well as if you will need anyone at home assisting you with activities in the early stage of recovery. This is also a good time to ask about when you can expect to see post-op swelling start to subside and your result emerge, as this process usually takes weeks to months.

As you can see, the decision to have plastic surgery involves considering many moving parts, from the people who will be taking care of you to the expected results and recovery process. Thus, it is crucial as to do your own research, find an experienced and reputable board certified plastic surgeon, and ask all of the questions you need to feel informed and comfortable preparing for surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that deciding to have surgery can be nerve-wracking, and she is committed to spending time one-on-one with each patient to make the process as stress-free as possible. If you would like to view examples of real patient transformations performed by Dr. Temmen, please explore the Before and After section of this website. To learn more about if you may be a good candidate for a procedure you’re interested in, please call 813-771-6393 to schedule your personal consultation with Traci Temmen, MD, today!

What is “Low Cost Plastic Surgery

What is “Low Cost Plastic Surgery”?

What is “Low Cost Plastic Surgery

For many people, plastic surgery can be life-changing, helping instill confidence in how the world sees you, as well as how you see yourself. However, this powerful tool usually comes with a significant price tag that can leave patients wondering if it’s really worth it. Sometimes, this drives patients to explore some of the “low cost” plastic surgery options on the market. This post will shed light on some of the ways these surgeries are able to be offered at a lower price, as well as the potential pitfalls for patients. Armed with this information, patients should be able to make better informed decisions about how to spend their money, and what exactly they will receive in return.

Surgery is expensive, and includes many costs. For starters, these include the facility, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, other paid staff, and of course the necessary tools to perform the procedure. Thinking logically, how are low cost plastic surgery centers able to offer surgery to patients at a reduced cost? The answer is twofold: Reducing costs, and increasing the number of surgeries they perform. Let’s start with the first part. In what ways do they reduce costs? Starting with the facility, the best place to have surgery is a fully accredited surgical facility that has been verified to be clean, up to code, and fully equipped with everything needed to respond in a life-threatening emergency. Dr. Traci Temmen operates at Temmen Plastic Surgery, a private surgical center that meets hospital standards and has been approved by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. However, many low cost surgery centers do not live up to this high standard. The next area often compromised to bring down costs is who will be performing your surgery. Plastic surgery should only ever be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any potential complication that may arise. Patients may be fooled by people calling themselves “cosmetic surgeons” but who are actually not board-certified in plastic surgery. This greatly increases the likelihood of a poor outcome for the patient, and is associated with an increased risk of major complications such as bleeding and infection. The next place low cost centers may try to reduce costs is anesthesia. The anesthesiologist plays a very important role on the surgical team by safely putting the patient to sleep, overseeing their airway and breathing during surgery, and helping them wake up from surgery safely. An anesthesiologist is a doctor who received their MD and then completed a residency in anesthesia, making them the most qualified for the job. To reduce costs, a CRNA, or certified registered nurse anesthetist may be substituted. While CRNAs are also trained in anesthesia, the training is not as lengthy or rigorous as that for an anesthesiologist with an MD. At Temmen Plastic Surgery, every case has a dedicated anesthesiologist to ensure the safest possible anesthesia experience. Finally, let’s return briefly to part two of how low cost surgeries are able to be offered a low price. The answer to this is in order to make enough money at a lower price per surgery, they must perform a greater number of surgeries. This often means longer hours and fewer breaks for everyone on the medical team, resulting in personnel who are more tired and burnt out. This is obviously not optimal for the highest quality care.

While plastic surgery is often portrayed in the media as a glamorous and easy solution to getting the body of your dreams, it is important to remember that it is still surgery! Plastic surgery is technically demanding, requires the highest level of skill and experience, and should only be performed in the safest possible setting with fully qualified team members. When corners are cut to reduce costs, patient care suffers and the chances of a dangerous complication or poor outcome increase (which only increases costs in the long run.) Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is highly skilled and experienced, and knows the importance of ensuring the highest quality care at every step – from thorough in-person consultations to a private surgical suite equipped with the latest technology to a full medical team dedicated to each patient. Dr. Temmen has the results to prove that her thorough, meticulous method works – Explore the Before and After section of this website to see for yourself why so many patients trust her for their surgery. If you want to learn more about if you are a good candidate for any plastic surgery you are interested in, call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!

plastic surgery and self-love

Are plastic surgery and self-love mutually exclusive?

plastic surgery and self-love

Valentine’s Day is here, and love is in the air! While many people might be thinking about red roses, chocolate hearts, and spending time with that special someone, this post is about a different kind of love that is just as important – Self-love! When thinking about self-love, chances are plastic surgery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, some people may even believe that the two are mutually exclusive. This post will unpack the concept of self-love and show how cosmetic surgery can actually be a wonderful way to show love to yourself.

The concept of self-love has become increasingly popular over the past several years, often gracing the covers of magazines accompanied by a woman smiling while they do yoga. Indeed, the world seems to have adopted a specific formula for self-love that typically includes green smoothies, French-pressed coffee, and morning routines that involve sun salutations. Needless to say, this is highly glamorized and does not apply to most people. In reality, everyone practices their own unique form of self-love based on what makes them feel good. Just as there is no single winning algorithm for romantic love that works for everyone, there is also no single best way to practice self-love. Some people feel empowered by wearing high heels and a dress, others feel their best in casual comfy clothing. Some show love to themselves by cooking a delicious meal, while others get the most joy out of ordering take-out. None of these choices are wrong, it’s just about the individual. Plastic surgery can be thought about in a similar way. For some women, self-love means embracing their bodies just as they are. But for others, self-love means taking the first step towards affecting positive change in their appearance through the power of plastic surgery. Either of these approaches is healthy as long as the person is acting true to their values and desires and doesn’t feel pressured by someone else. For those who have long struggled with insecurities about their body, cosmetic surgery can be the ultimate gift to themselves that helps them feel radiant and beautiful like never before. After all, your outward appearance is what you see when you look in the mirror every day, as well as how you face the world. Being consistently unhappy with your appearance can take a huge toll on one’s self-confidence and quality of life. Despite what some magazines may say, there is no need to feel pressured into loving every single part of your body. It is okay and perfectly normal to want to change something, whether it’s due to genetics, aging, weight gain, or just bad luck! With the power of plastic surgery, people finally have a chance to make the changes they want to see and smile every time they look in the mirror.  This can have many far-reaching effects, including building self-esteem, feeling more comfortable exploring romantic connections, and increasing confidence in social settings – Overall, getting get more joy out of life!

The self-love movement is often portrayed as a specific trope, but the truth is it’s really about doing things that make you feel beautiful, loved, and valued. If you feel like some part of your appearance is making you feel unattractive, insecure, or holding you back from living your best life, you don’t have to just tolerate it anymore. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen has used her surgical expertise to help countless patients get the body of your dreams, and frequently performs procedures on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and face with beautiful results. To view real examples of patient results, please explore the Gallery tab of this website. If you’re ready to take the first step towards realizing the body of your dreams, call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Traci Temmen, M.D. today!

Treat Yourself for the Holidays

Treat Yourself for the Holidays!

Treat Yourself for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think not just about gifts for loved ones, but also for yourself! After all of the craziness this past year has brought, you deserve it. While it’s always fun to open the presents underneath the tree, the best gifts are not tangible things, but life-changing experiences. This year, why not treat yourself to the gift of a lifetime and finally get that cosmetic surgical procedure you’ve been dreaming about. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is expertly trained and experienced in a variety of plastic surgeries for the face and body, and is ready to use her surgical expertise to help you look and feel amazing. This post will touch upon a few of the most popular plastic surgeries offered by Dr. Temmen at the Temmen Plastic Surgery, and give you a few more reasons to put one at the top of your list this year!

Your face is the first thing people look at when you walk into a room, and is truly how you present yourself to the world. While it’s important to celebrate everyone’s individual beauty, it is also okay to feel dissatisfied or unhappy with an aspect of your appearance. Some people may have a specific area that bothers them, such as a nose that is disproportionate to the rest of the face, or eyelids that droop and make the face look much older. Procedures that target these areas like rhinoplasty (or “nose job”) and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) can correct these troublesome areas and restore confidence. For many others, there may not be one feature that bothers them but rather generalized aging of the face may negatively impact self-confidence and make the patient feel older than they are. For these patients, in office non-surgical procedures like Botox or filler injections can work wonders by gently softening wrinkles and helping fine lines disappear. Surgical procedures such as face lifts may also be a good option to consider. No matter the procedure, Dr. Temmen takes great care to ensure a natural, beautiful, and symmetric result for each and every patient. To view real patient examples, navigate to the Gallery section of this website.

Other patients may be most impacted by an area of the body that causes them significant embarrassment, discomfort, or lack of confidence. Common areas women wish to change are the breasts, abdomen, and butt. For the breasts, Dr. Temmen offers a variety of procedures depending on the patient’s desires. Options such as breast implants and fat transfer to the breast can add volume to the breasts and create a fuller and rounder shape, while a breast lift elevates sagging breasts for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Temmen also specializes in breast reduction to decrease the size of very large breasts, help alleviate chronic neck and back pain, and improve overall quality of life. For women looking to improve the shape of their midsection, the tummy tuck procedure with liposuction is a great option to bring in the waistline, trim excess fat from the abdomen, and accentuate natural curves to create a natural looking and attractive hourglass figure. This procedure can even be combined with breast enhancement in a “Mommy Makeover” for those looking for a full body transformation! Patients hoping to improve the appearance of their derriere may be interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift, a highly effective two-part surgery that utilizes liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the midsection, back and sides, before transferring it to the buttocks to add volume and create a round, attractive shape.

If you’d like to make a positive change in your appearance and healthy lifestyle changes just aren’t making the cut, now is the time to take charge! In fact, the holidays are the perfect time to have plastic surgery for a couple of reasons. For one, most patients have time off from work during the holiday season, providing plenty of time for healing and recovery. Secondly, with the new year fast approaching, this is a great time to prepare yourself to live your best life in the new year! And one part of that is taking action to make sure you look your best so you can feel your best, ringing in the new year with radiance and confidence. If you’d like to find out more about a surgical procedure you are interested in, call 813-771-6393 to book your individual consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Traci Temmen, M.D. today!

Different Opinions from Different Plastic Surgeons

When considering plastic surgery to improve the function and/or appearance of an area of the body, there is “no one size fits all” option. In fact, precisely which surgical options may be the best fit for a particular patient is a complex equation that takes into account many variables including the patient’s age, body habitus, current appearance, desired appearance, lifestyle, and many more. Due to the high level of complexity, it is not uncommon for a patient to receive different opinions as to what is the best course of action from different plastic surgeons. This can be distressing for patients, as they may feel torn between multiple choices and unsure which one is the best one for them. In this post, I will discuss this common dilemma and offer some guidance for how to navigate this to find the right option for you.

The field of plastic surgery is unique in that one of its core characteristics is the ability to be precisely tailored to the individual. In fact, it is a common misconception that the word “plastic” in the context of plastic surgery means synthetic – It actually means to mold or shape. The best plastic surgeons have perfected the artistry of their craft, and are able to tailor their procedure to match the individual patient’s anatomy and goals. This space for customization gives patients more options when working with their surgeon to design a surgical plan that is personalized for them. However, the flip side of this this freedom is that patients may receive many differing opinions from different plastic surgeons. One common example of this is in breast enhancement, one of the most popular areas of plastic surgery. There are many different options for improving the appearance of the breasts, such as through a breast lift, breast augmentation, or combination of both. Within the option of a breast lift, there are more choices such as the surgical approach and where the scar will be placed. Within breast augmentation, there are even more options including the many different varieties of implants such as saline versus silicone, and the different sizes and shapes available. Thus, it’s easy to see how a patient interested in breast enhancement might receive multiple different recommendations from different plastic surgeons. This does not necessarily mean that any of them are wrong or bad, just that the patient has several options to explore.

So, in these situations how should you decide what to do? I wish I could say there was a way for you to just enter all of your information into a magic formula and find the perfect solution. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer and the best approach boils down to two things: Doing your research and trusting your gut. For the research component of this, first and foremost it is essential to only consider recommendations from plastic surgeons who have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that your surgeon has passed all of their tests and completed the necessary rigorous training to become a plastic surgeon. Next, go on their websites and view pictures of real patients in their Photo Gallery, paying special attention to patients whose “before” pictures looked similar to you and whose “after” pictures are similar to the results you are looking for. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work, as well as what procedures produced the results you desire for other patients. It is also a great idea to read real patient reviews to get an idea of if most patients are happy with their results, or if you see a recurring problem or red flag. (And of course, make sure to read more than the couple of glowing reviews that are featured on the front page of their website!)

At this point, you should have narrowed your pool to only include the opinions of board-certified plastic surgeons who are experienced, safe, and consistently produce excellent results, and you should also have some ideas about what options you think are best suited for you based off of your research. If at this point you still have a few different options you are considering, now it is time to trust your gut! Take time to carefully consider your choices, and don’t rush into making a decision you are not ready for. It is better to take your time going through the options than to quickly make a decision that you will later regret – after all, this is surgery! Furthermore, you should never feel rushed or pressured into a decision by a plastic surgeon. If this happens, take it as a sign that you may need to find someone else. A good surgeon understands that surgery of any kind is a big decision, and will support you in considering all of your options until you feel ready to make your choice. At the end of the day, you are the one who knows your body best!

Receiving different recommendations from different doctors can be frustrating, but it also creates opportunity for patients to get involved in their care and learn about the options available to them. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen encourages patients to do their research, look at Before and After photos of real patients in the Gallery of this website, and read patient reviews. She welcomes questions and concerns, and takes the time to address each one thoroughly during her one-on-one consultations with patients. Patients are consistently impressed with her gentle demeanor and meticulous surgical skill, and admire the way she makes them feel at ease from their first initial consultation. To see for yourself why so many patients choose board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen, book your individual consultation by calling 813-771-6393, today!

What is Beauty

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty

Beauty isn’t about looking like the supermodel on the cover of a magazine, but feeling happy and confident in who you are and sharing that light with others. Unfortunately, many women feel like an aspect of their appearance is preventing them living their lives to the fullest as the gorgeous goddesses they are inside. Part of the reason for this is society today is caught between two extremes – on the one hand, we are in the age of relentless social media, where our world is saturated with pictures of beautiful people. On the other, the idea of body positivity has recently become very trendy, and an unintended consequence of this is that women today often feel pressured fully love and embrace their bodies or risk betraying womankind. The clash of these two cultures puts women in a difficult place, as we are constantly being bombarded by pictures of perfect bodies while also being told that we must be content with whatever body we were given, including all of its flaws and imperfections. The truth is that most women have things they wish they could change about their bodies, and that is perfectly normal and okay.

Some women are fortunate enough to find ways to make those changes through lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise. Unfortunately, other changes are simply not possible to make on your own, and require the help of professional. This is where the expertise of a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Traci Temmen can make a world of difference. Plastic surgery is a powerful tool that, when wielded by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who understands your desires, can dramatically impact the way you feel about yourself. The objective of plastic surgery is not to change who you are, but to help shape your body in such a way that makes you feel radiant and confident in your own skin. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Temmen understands how the close connection between looking good and feeling good can dramatically impact a woman’s self-esteem and overall quality of life.

As discussed above, a key goal of plastic surgery is to help you feel just as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside. Many patients can immediately identify a problem area that they are most self-conscious of. For some, it’s a prominent nose that has always made them feel less feminine, or stubborn love handles that won’t disappear no matter how much they exercise. For many others, it’s embarrassment over having breasts that are small and flat, differently sized, or low and saggy. Whatever it is that is holding you back from feeling like the truest, most beautiful form of yourself, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is ready to listen to your story and work with you towards the appearance of your dreams. Not only is she highly skilled and experienced in many different areas of cosmetic surgery, but she also a perfectionist with an artist’s touch. Dr. Temmen meets individually with each patient to thoroughly review their medical history, lifestyle considerations, and aesthetic goals before making a plan to reach them together.

Contrary to popular belief, “plastic” in the context of plastic surgery does not mean synthetic. It actually means capable of being molded and shaped; able to exhibit growth, change, and renewal. If you feel like there is an aspect of your appearance that is bringing you down or preventing you from living life to the fullest, know that that field of cosmetic plastic surgery exists to help people affect powerful positive change in their appearance. Dr. Temmen understands that the body’s appearance can have a profound impact on how confident, attractive, and happy people feel, and takes the responsibility of sculpting it very seriously. She takes great care to thoroughly address all patient concerns and treat every patient like she would want a family member to be treated, all in the privacy and comfort of a boutique surgical setting.

If you are tired of hiding problem areas under baggy clothes or feeling unhappy when you look in the mirror, now is the time to take action! Let board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen work with you to transform your source of unhappiness and embarrassment into one of confidence and joy. You deserve to feel radiant and empowered to be the best version of yourself – and that is the true definition of beauty.

Interested in learning more about which cosmetic procedures could help you reach your goals? Take the first step and call 813-771-6393 to schedule your personal consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD today!