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What is Beauty

What is Beauty?

Beauty isn’t about looking like the supermodel on the cover of a magazine, but feeling happy and confident in who you are and sharing that light with others. Unfortunately, many women feel like an aspect of their appearance is preventing them living their lives to the fullest as the gorgeous goddesses they are inside. Part of the reason for this is society today is caught between two extremes – on the one hand, we are in the age of relentless social media, where our world is saturated with pictures of beautiful people. On the other, the idea of body positivity has recently become very trendy, and an unintended consequence of this is that women today often feel pressured fully love and embrace their bodies or risk betraying womankind. The clash of these two cultures puts women in a difficult place, as we are constantly being bombarded by pictures of perfect bodies while also being told that we must be content with whatever body we were given, including all of its flaws and imperfections. The truth is that most women have things they wish they could change about their bodies, and that is perfectly normal and okay.

Some women are fortunate enough to find ways to make those changes through lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise. Unfortunately, other changes are simply not possible to make on your own, and require the help of professional. This is where the expertise of a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Traci Temmen can make a world of difference. Plastic surgery is a powerful tool that, when wielded by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who understands your desires, can dramatically impact the way you feel about yourself. The objective of plastic surgery is not to change who you are, but to help shape your body in such a way that makes you feel radiant and confident in your own skin. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Temmen understands how the close connection between looking good and feeling good can dramatically impact a woman’s self-esteem and overall quality of life.

As discussed above, a key goal of plastic surgery is to help you feel just as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside. Many patients can immediately identify a problem area that they are most self-conscious of. For some, it’s a prominent nose that has always made them feel less feminine, or stubborn love handles that won’t disappear no matter how much they exercise. For many others, it’s embarrassment over having breasts that are small and flat, differently sized, or low and saggy. Whatever it is that is holding you back from feeling like the truest, most beautiful form of yourself, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is ready to listen to your story and work with you towards the appearance of your dreams. Not only is she highly skilled and experienced in many different areas of cosmetic surgery, but she also a perfectionist with an artist’s touch. Dr. Temmen meets individually with each patient to thoroughly review their medical history, lifestyle considerations, and aesthetic goals before making a plan to reach them together.

Contrary to popular belief, “plastic” in the context of plastic surgery does not mean synthetic. It actually means capable of being molded and shaped; able to exhibit growth, change, and renewal. If you feel like there is an aspect of your appearance that is bringing you down or preventing you from living life to the fullest, know that that field of cosmetic plastic surgery exists to help people affect powerful positive change in their appearance. Dr. Temmen understands that the body’s appearance can have a profound impact on how confident, attractive, and happy people feel, and takes the responsibility of sculpting it very seriously. She takes great care to thoroughly address all patient concerns and treat every patient like she would want a family member to be treated, all in the privacy and comfort of a boutique surgical setting.

If you are tired of hiding problem areas under baggy clothes or feeling unhappy when you look in the mirror, now is the time to take action! Let board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen work with you to transform your source of unhappiness and embarrassment into one of confidence and joy. You deserve to feel radiant and empowered to be the best version of yourself – and that is the true definition of beauty.

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