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gummy bear breast implants

What are gummy bear breast implants, and how do they compare to silicone?

Breast augmentation with implants is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery in America, with over 300,000 procedures performed each year! With powerful modern technology that allows surgeons to create full, beautiful breasts while leaving minimal scars behind, it’s easy to see why so many women are choosing this life-changing procedure. In addition to providing safe and effective results, many women are also pleased that this procedure can be individually customized to make it the perfect fit for them. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen specializes in breast augmentation with implants, and is committed to working with her patients to provide them with a tailor-made result that exceeds their expectations. While being able to make decisions about implant material, size, shape, and scar placement is empowering for most patients, sometimes all of these choices can feel a little overwhelming! This post will break down some of the different options that are available, as well as address a common source of confusion for many women, which is “What are gummy bear breast implants, and how do they compare to silicone?”

Before diving into different implant materials, let’s first briefly outline some of the other choices patients will make with their plastic surgeon when planning their procedure. Implant size is one factor women spend a lot of time thinking about, as most try to find a happy medium between an increase in size that’s too small to be noticeable, and one that’s too big and looks awkward or unnatural. Most women ultimately choose a size that’s between 300 and 400 ccs (or milliliters), increasing their cup size by two letters (i.e. 32B to 32D). However, this varies widely depending on the patient’s body type and preferences, and really boils down to a decision made by the patient and surgeon working together after much discussion, body measurements, and “trying on” different sizes underneath clothing. Another decision patients will make with their surgeon is scar placement, of which there are three basic options. The first is to place the scar around the areola, or darker area outside the nipple. The second is to place the scar in the inframammary fold, or the natural crease between the bottom of the breast and the chest wall. The last option is the one most often preferred by patients, which is to place the scar in the natural crease in the armpit. This leaves the surface of the breasts flawless and scar-free, as well as making scars as discrete as possible – only visible when the patient raises their arms over their head. Once again, this decision should be made by the patient and provider together, depending on the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Now that we have explored a few of the different options patients have for breast augmentation, let’s move on to this post’s main topic: gummy bear vs. silicone breast implants. Unlike saline implants, which are composed of a thin silicone shell filled with saline (a salt water solution) and filled up similarly to a water balloon, both silicone and gummy bear implants are solid throughout. Some of the key differences between them are that gummy bear implants are composed of a thicker gel than most silicone implants. This means that the implant retains its shape better over time, and is less likely to leak if it ruptures. This also means that the implant texture is firmer (like a gummy bear) than a silicone implant, which is a little bit softer and squishier. It is a good idea for every patient to hold the different types of implant in their hand in the office in order to feel the difference and decide which one they prefer. In addition to the texture difference, gummy bear and silicone implants also have different shapes. Gummy bear implants are generally a teardrop shape, whereas silicone implants are typically a rounder shape. Gummy bear implants were designed as a teardrop in order to more closely mimic the natural shape of the breast, which is fuller at the bottom than the top. Some patients like this more natural look, while others prefer to have more fullness in the upper portion of the breast. This is a matter of personal preference, and every patient should talk to their board-certified plastic surgeon to decide on the right implant for them. A final point to make about the difference in shape between these two implant types is because the gummy bear implant has a teardrop shape, it has a small potential to distort the shape of the breast if it rotates, while the silicone implants pose a smaller risk since they are more uniformly round. Overall, this risk is low as the implants are designed to stay in place.

As you can see from this post, deciding to undergo breast augmentation with implants entails making many decisions including implant type, size, scar placement, and many other factors. While this allows the patient to play a big role in the decision-making process, it also emphasizes the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who respects your thoughts and concerns. Dr. Traci Temmen truly puts her patients’ safety, comfort, and privacy first, and enjoys using her surgical skills and expertise to create beautiful results unique to each patient. Patients appreciate her meticulous precision and perfectionistic nature, and are amazed by the beautiful results she is able to create while keeping scars small and easily concealed. Please explore this website to read real patient reviews and view the amazing patient transformations in the Before and After section. If you look at the photos and find yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I could look like that!”, this is your opportunity! Call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today.