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Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

If you follow many plastic surgeons on social media or listen to the news, you will have heard recent safety concerns about the Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as the BBL.  A Brazilian butt lift generally refers to liposuction of the trunk with transfer of the harvested fat to the buttocks and hips to create a curvier, more voluminous buttocks.  Unfortunately, if not performed correctly by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, the fat transfer portion of the Brazilian butt lift can be deadly.  Fat injected deep into the gluteal muscle can inadvertently enter the deep veins of the pelvis.  Once in this large vasculature system, fat globules can cause fat emboli in the lungs and even death.

Many surgeons and patients are now asking then, “Is the BBL safe?”  The answer is yes.  the Brazilian butt lift is a safe surgery if performed by a safe plastic surgeon.    So, what do plastic surgeons do to make the BBL a safe surgery and take the best care of their patients?  Most importantly, fat should not be injected deep into the buttocks and is only transferred into the subcutaneous layer above the gluteus muscles.  Additionally, the fat should be injected with blunt cannulas with constant attention paid to exactly where the injecting instrument is located.  Finally, proper patient positioning, tactile control of the instruments, and transferring the fat under low pressure all ensure optimal patient safety.

Because of this concern over the safety of the Brazilian butt lift surgery (and the fact that the BBL neither originated in Brazil nor actually “lifts” the buttocks), some plastic surgeons have started to refer to this procedure as Safe Subcutaneous Buttock Augmentation, or SSBA.  This name highlights the fact that when performed correctly, with fat transferred only in the subcutaneous layer, this surgery can safely and efficiently augment the buttocks and hips.

Dr. Traci Temmen in Tampa, Florida is just as concerned about her patients’ safety as they are.  She performs each Brazilian butt lift with meticulous attention to detail, safety, and aesthetics.  She monitors everything in the operating room, right down to the thermostat setting, to guarantee her patients the safest, most beautiful result possible.  Dr. Temmen routinely attends plastic surgery conferences where BBL safety is a core topic and stays up to date on the most recent BBL literature to ensure she is at the forefront of this evolving surgery.  If you are interested in a safe Brazilian butt lift, call Dr. Traci Temmen today at 813-771-6393.