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Am I a Candidate for Removal of Implants and Fat Transfer to the Breast?

Breast implants are a popular method of adding volume to the breasts, helping many women feel more beautiful and confident. However, sometimes women find that whether due to aging, weight gain, pregnancy, complications, or simply being unhappy with their implants, they wish to have them removed. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that this decision can be difficult to make, and is committed to walking alongside her patients on every step of their journey, from initial consultation to post-operative follow-ups. This post will touch upon a few of the different options available to patients considering breast implant removal (also called explantation), and spend a little extra time focusing on one option patients may not know as much about, called fat transfer to the breast (also called fat grafting).

Women thinking about getting their breast implants removed have several different options to choose from. The simplest option is to remove the implants without performing any other procedures. This may be a good option for women who are younger, have smaller implants, and have not had them for very long. For patients with this combination of factors, the skin and tissues surrounding the implant will contract or “fluff up” considerably after implant removal. This minimizes sagging or drooping, giving these patients the best chance at a result that looks most similar to their pre-implant appearance. For many patients, however, a combination of aging, having large implants, and having implants for a long time means that the overlying tissues are not as good at “bouncing back” after implant removal. In these women, breast explantation alone may result in a saggy or “deflated” appearance, particularly in the upper portion of the breast. These women are often interested in additional procedures that can be performed at the same time as implant removal to eliminate sagginess and improve the overall appearance of the breasts.

A breast lift is one of the most common procedures performed with explantation. This procedure removes sagging excess skin and tissue from the breasts and surgically lifts the breast to a higher position on the chest wall, creating a perkier, more youthful bust. A breast reduction is a similar procedure to a breast lift, but removes additional breast tissue to further reduce the size of the breasts. Both of these options lift the breasts up to eliminate droopiness, one of the most common undesired effects of implant removal.

Both of the options discussed above are great for patients looking to remove their implants without being left with saggy breasts. However, a subset of patients is interested in having their implants removed while also adding natural volume and fullness to their bust line. Dr. Traci Temmen is one of the few board-certified female plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area who is highly skilled at performing fat transfer to the breast, a method that uses the power of liposuction to do just that. During this procedure, Dr. Temmen performs gentle, precise liposuction of the abdomen and other problem areas. This removes stubborn fat deposits while also providing a supply of high quality fat for later transfer to the breasts. Dr. Traci Temmen is highly trained at performing liposuction to gently sculpt the body into a more flattering shape, and is able to flatten the tummy, melt away muffin tops, and accentuate the waistline. With her exacting surgical technique, Dr. Temmen is also able to precisely target certain areas the patient is most self-conscious of, adapting to each patient’s unique desires. Once liposuction is complete, the collected fat is processed and prepared for transfer. It is then carefully injected into the breasts to create soft, beautiful volume. Since fat transfer replaces some of the volume that was previously taken up by the implants, this adds fullness while also reducing sagginess. For most patients, fat transfer provides up to 1 to 1.5 increase in bra cup size after implant removal (i.e. from a 36B to a 36C), although this varies between patients. Some patients may also be happy to stay the same cup size, but create a rounder shape by adding volume to the upper breast. Overall, explantation with fat transfer is a great option for patients who no longer wish to have breast implants, but still want full, beautiful breasts. Patients are typically impressed with their results, and think it’s simply amazing how great they look just from moving their own fat around! Many patients also enjoy the soft, natural look and feel of their breasts, and may feel more at ease that the increased volume came from their own body rather than outside material.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen frequently performs breast implant removal alone or in conjunction with breast lift, reduction, or fat transfer to best suit each unique patient’s anatomy, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. Dr. Temmen is an expert in her field, and stays up to date on the latest innovations in cosmetic plastic surgery to ensure the highest levels of safety and patient satisfaction. In addition to her surgical expertise and experience, as one of the few board-certified female plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Temmen understands how closely a woman’s appearance can be tied to self-esteem and quality of life. Patients love her gentle bedside manner, and often find that her humble and kind demeanor are a breath of fresh air in today’s fast-paced world. Just read a few of her many glowing patient reviews to hear for yourself why they’re so satisfied with their care!

With her commitment to safety, extensive training and surgical skill, and gentle approach to patient care, it’s no wonder why so many patients trust Dr. Temmen to perform their cosmetic surgical procedure. Visit the Gallery tab of this website to view Before and After photos of real patient transformations performed by Dr. Traci Temmen, and see the stunning results for yourself. Want to learn more about if you may be a candidate for breast implant removal with any of the procedures discussed above? Call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen today!