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Benefits of Breast Reduction

What are the risks and benefits of breast reduction?

While many women spend their days wishing their breasts were fuller, other women have just the opposite problem. In fact, having breasts that are too large is becoming an increasingly common problem that has women searching for a solution. While healthy lifestyle changes like nutrition and exercise can help decrease overall body weight and thus take some weight off the breasts as well, unfortunately for many women that just isn’t enough. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is a safe and effective surgical option for women to consider who are bothered by their large and cumbersome breasts. This blog post will talk about the risks and benefits of this surgery that addresses an increasingly common complaint experienced by women today.

Firstly, breast reduction has the risks associated with surgery of any kind, including bleeding and infection. These risks are typically very small if the surgery is performed in a fully accredited surgical facility by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Traci Temmen who is well-equipped to manage any potential complication that could arise during or after surgery. As far as risks that are specific to breast reduction, there are a few. One of these is changes in nipple sensation due to surgery impacting some of the small nerves that supply the area. Along similar lines, women who have a breast reduction may have difficulty breast-feeding down the road due to some loss of sensation as well as some glandular tissue. This is not always an issue for patients, but it should be discussed with the surgeon if the patient plans to try to breastfeed in the future. Another very rare complication is loss of the nipple areola complex, but this can almost always be prevented by proper patient selection (only operating on patients who are healthy and don’t smoke). Lastly, there is always a risk that the patient will be unhappy with the result. This can be minimized by taking time to do your research to select a plastic surgeon who is board-certified, understands your goals and concerns, and consistently gets great results. Dr. Traci Temmen has performed many breast reductions with beautiful results, and her patients are always impressed by her kind bedside manner and gentle hand. To see for yourself, just read one of her many raving reviews left by real patients, and view the images of real patient results in the photo Gallery.

Now that we’ve covered some of the risks of breast reduction, let’s move on to the fun part – the benefits! For most women, breast reduction surgery has both functional and aesthetic benefits. From a functional standpoint, breasts that are large and out of proportion to the rest of the body often cause chronic back pain, neck pain, and headaches from the excess weight. Large breasts can also make it very difficult to exercise, perform normal daily activities, and find clothes that fit well. Some women also experience painful rashes underneath the breasts from chronic irritation of the skin. After breast reduction, many of these problems are improved or even disappear completely, dramatically improving quality of life. Women often feel like a great burden has been lifted off and now they can finally enjoy life without all that extra weight and pain. From an aesthetic standpoint, most women are also very happy to have breasts that look more proportional to their body after surgery. Usually, breasts that are very large become low and saggy due to all of the excess weight. During surgery, the breasts are lifted back up to their normal anatomical position, creating a more youthful and natural look. In addition, women seeking breast reduction are often also bothered by areolas that are very large and out of proportion to the breast. During surgery, Dr. Temmen can decrease the size of the nipple areola complex so that it is in proportion to the rest of the breast. Overall, women are usually very pleased with the look of their new breasts that are lighter, perkier, and more proportional to their body.

Hopefully this post has shed some light on the potential risks and many benefits of breast reduction surgery. Of course, the best way to learn more about if you may be a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty is through talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon. To find out more, call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!