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not happy with my breast implants

What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my breast implants?

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America, allowing women to enhance the size and shape of their bust line to boost confidence and overall happiness. The vast majority of patients are very pleased with the final result of their breast implants, finding that they feel more attractive and comfortable in their new body. While uncommon, unfortunately there is a minority of patients who are dissatisfied with their result after surgery. This blog post will discuss possible reasons for this, strategies to minimize the risk of this happening to you, and what your options are if you are dissatisfied with your surgical outcome.

When a woman gets breast implants, it is important to be happy with the size, shape, and position of the implants. When a patient is unhappy with her outcome, often times it is the size that is the issue. Sometimes an implant size that seems like the right size on the outside has less of an impact once situated in the body. This may be more likely to occur in women with more significant overlying tissues and larger body habitus. Likewise, an implant that seems the proper size beforehand may look too big or dramatic to a patient after surgery. This may be more common in patients who are very slender with little overlying tissues, making the implant stand out more. Sometimes, patients may be dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts after implantation. This could be due to the shape of the implants themselves, or due to abnormal contracture or scarring of the capsule around the implant. In addition, a patient may be unhappy with the position of the implants, such as those that sit higher or lower than expected on the chest wall.

To minimize the risk of being unhappy with your implants, the single most important thing is to make sure you choose an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who you trust to take care of you from start to finish. Your surgeon will be meeting with you at every step in the process from initial consultation to post-op follow up, so it is of paramount importance that you work well as a team. This person should take the time to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you have at any point during the process. They should also perform breast augmentation with implants regularly, and have real patient example photos available for viewing of their work. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen loves making patients’ dreams come true, and is highly skilled and experienced in cosmetic breast surgery. She has numerous patient examples showcased in the Gallery section of this website, and even more available to view in the office. She also operates on patients with a wide variety of body shapes and sizes with excellent outcomes, allowing you to see what kind of results patients who look similar to you have received. Dr. Temmen understands the importance of open and honest communication, and works hard to make sure every patient has a realistic understanding of how their final result will look. Elements of this process include detailed one-on-one consultation, going over sample patient photos and “wish pics” together, “trying on” different implants under clothing, and taking detailed and precise measurements of the patient’s upper body. Each of these steps helps ensure that the patient has as complete a picture of their result as possible prior to surgery, and is thrilled with their final result.

So, in the rare cases that a patient is unhappy with their breast implants, what are their options? Uncommonly, a patient may wish to have their implants removed entirely if they prefer the way they looked without implants. More commonly, the patient is dissatisfied with the size of the implant. In this case, the implants can be switched out for a bigger or smaller size depending on what the patient wants. In other cases, the patient may be unhappy with the shape of the breast after implantation. This could be affected by the way scar tissue impacts the shape of the breast, or processes such as “bottoming out” where the implant stretches the skin at the bottom of the breast. In these cases, a revision may be performed to remove problematic scar tissue, reshape the pocket where the implant sits, and ensure optimal implant position. Dr. Temmen is trained to manage any complication following breast implantation, and is ready to help when a woman wants her implants to be removed, replaced, or revised.

Breast augmentation with implants can be a life-changing procedure for women who desire fuller breasts. While the vast majority of patients are happy with their result, a small number of women find themselves dissatisfied after surgery. In these rare instances, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen is ready to listen to her concerns and perform an appropriate correction, whether it be through implant removal, replacement, or revision. Dr. Temmen is a perfectionist, and she is committed to providing a beautiful result for every patient. To learn more about if you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation with implants or any other cosmetic surgical procedure, call 813-771-6393 to book your one-on-one consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Traci Temmen, MD, today!