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40-Year-Old Model: Blepharoplasty Before and After Photos

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  • Description:
    Our patient is a 40-year-old model was bothered by her “tired” appearance and difficulty putting on eye makeup caused by excess, sagging upper eyelid skin. The patient felt that the loose, “crepey,” and wrinkled skin of her upper eyes made her look angry and older than she actually was. Dr. Traci Temmen performed an upper eyelid lift, also known as an upper blepharoplasty, through a small, imperceptible incision in the patient’s eyelid crease. Despite the fact that she looked beautiful before surgery, an upper eyelid lift made this patient look even more youthful, alert, and refreshed. Dr. Temmen can perform eyelid lift surgery at the Plastic Surgery Center under local anesthesia (with the patient awake) or under general anesthesia (with the patient asleep and breathing with the help of a breathing tube), depending on the patient’s needs and desires.