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Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation With Your Own Unwanted Fat- A Dream Come True!


How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought, “If only I could take some fat from my thighs and stomach, and put it in my breasts!”  Well, now you can!


Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Traci Temmen, is making women’s dreams come true with the most recent advances in natural breast augmentation surgery.  Using targeted, three-dimensional liposuction, Dr. Temmen is able to give you the body of your dreams while performing liposuction on problem areas, such as the abdomen, back, flanks, and thighs.  Then, using a meticulous and delicate technique, she collects and processes the fat obtained from liposuction and prepares it for transfer to the breasts.  Using tiny incisions at the base of the breast, Dr. Temmen then injects the pure fat into the breasts creating a larger, fuller, and natural-feeling breast!


Natural breast augmentation avoids the use of prosthetic breast implants and reshapes the entire body by performing liposuction on one area (or multiple areas) and increasing the size of the breasts during the same cosmetic procedure.


Women already have breast implants may also be a candidate for revision breast augmentation or removal of implants and replacement with fat by Dr. Traci Temmen at Temmen Plastic Surgery.  With time, women who have breast implants, particularly saline implants placed above the perctoralis muscle, may notice rippling or unsightly wrinkling of the implant at the superior or medial aspect of the breasts.  This visible breast implant rippling is not only unnatural and unattractive, but can cause many women embarrassment and a feeling of insecurity.  To cover breast implant rippling and add volume to a thin overlying soft tissue cover, Dr. Temmen can perform liposuction and inject the collected fat in breast tissues overlying the breast implant.


Similarly, women who no longer wish to have implants but do not want to lose volume or look “deformed” after breast implant removal can choose to have their breast implants removed and replaced with their own fat.  Dr. Temmen may perform the removal of breast implants and replacement with your own natural fat in one or two operative settings depending on your specific anatomy and breast implant type.


Dr. Traci Temmen at Temmen Plastic Surgery has experience with natural breast enlargement with fat injections, removal of breast implants, and replacement of breast implants with fat.  Do see if you are a candidate for natural breast augmentation, call Dr. Temmen at Temmen Plastic Surgery today!  Call (813) 771-6393 for a free natural breast augmentation consultation.

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