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How to Get the Most Out of Natural Breast Augmentation


Women with a little extra weight and not enough breast volume may have hit the jackpot! Natural breast augmentation enhances your breast size by using liposuction to harvest tissue from stubborn fat areas and transplant the fat cells directly into the breasts. For decades, plastic surgeons have been striving to achieve the most natural technique possible to enhance a patient’s breasts. Now, with the use of liposuction fuller breasts can be achieved. Patients are often confused by this procedure, but today you will find out what you can do to get the most out of natural breast augmentation.

Slimmer Body Contour

Patients who desire a fuller bust size can do so with acquiring their own body tissue from unsightly fatty areas of the body. Choosing natural breast augmentation for your breasts
provides the benefit of removing fat cells from stomach, thighs or hips for the slimmer body contour you have always wanted, while improving your breast size all at the same time.

Size Depends on Amount of Fat Harvested

When the patient meets for a consultation it is best to have a clear idea about how much of a change is desired for your breasts. Fat transfer can accomplish subtle changes, but women
who want more than one cup size in volume and firmness may need to acquire small breast implants in conjunction to fat transfer. The discussion of breast size increase depends on how much fat the body has to donate to the area, so Tampa plastic surgeon, Dr. Temmen, will determine how much fatty tissue can be harvested to achieve the right look. While implants may provide a dramatic change in shape and size, women who want a small change to their breasts may achieve so with natural breast augmentation.

Natural Change over Implants

Most women these days prefer to see simple alterations with natural procedures, so breast implants may not be their first choice for breast volume enhancement. Fat is a natural substance that is produced by the patient’s own body, so natural breast augmentation is the perfect solution for women who want natural results. In fact, many patients prefer fat transfer over breast implants as the procedure enhances smoothness and shape, without looking too obvious with large breast implants.

Why Isn’t Natural Breast Augmentation as Popular as Breast Implants?

Despite the fact that fat transfer provides an increase of breast volume, fat transfer was held under fire for many years, but slowly these issues are being resolved. When breast cancer occurs in natural breasts they cause calcifications in a cluster pattern. One study in 2011 revealed that eight of the 48 participants of breast fat transfer had a cluster of microcalcifications on digital mammography. Due to the findings of microcalcifications all needed biopsies. Fortunately, all of them were benign, or noncancerous.


A team of researchers from the University of California challenged that study with their own, published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal, and reported no increased risk of malignancy with fat transfer during natural breast augmentation. In fact, their research found more calcifications occur in breast reduction than fat transfer.

Natural breast augmentation in Tampa is effective and safe when it comes to cancer surveillance, which paves the way for women in search of natural breast enhancement over traditional breast implants. When you meet with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Temmen, ask about her approach in this procedure and find out if you are suitable for breast fat transfer from natural breast augmentation to improve the look and feel of your breasts with your body’s own natural tissue.