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Can I get fuller breasts without breast implants?

Can I get Fuller Breasts without Breast Implants?

While some women are blessed with naturally full, perky breasts, unfortunately not everyone hits the genetic lottery! For everyone else, having breasts that feel too small can be disheartening and cause decreased self-confidence. Push-up bras and strategic clothing choices can help you feel more confident in the moment, but many women find at the end of the day they still wish their breasts were fuller. Breast implants are a great option for many women hoping to increase the size of their breasts, but is this the only option? This blog post will answer the common patient question “Can I get fuller breasts without breast implants?” and introduce the concept of natural breast augmentation through fat transfer.

During breast augmentation with implants, medical grade synesthetic breast implants are used to add volume to the breasts and create a round, full shape. When it comes to breast implants, there are many different options to choose from such as saline versus silicone, and a wide variety of different sizes and shapes are available. However, for many women sometimes breast implants just don’t feel like the right choice. This may be due to worries about the safety or longevity of implants, or concerns about implants looking or feeling unnatural. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Traci Temmen understands that every woman is different, and respects her patients’ values and preferences. She is one of the only female board certified plastic surgeons in the area to offer natural breast augmentation with fat transfer to her patients who prefer a more natural approach.

For years, fat transfer has been used to move fat from an area where it is unwanted (such as the belly) to an area where it is desired (such as the face or buttocks). In recent times, plastic surgeons have found a new application of fat transfer in breast augmentation. During this procedure, a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Traci Temmen begins by performing gentle liposuction of the belly, back and sides. This has an overall slimming effect, allows for body contouring, and also collects a supply of fat that can later be used for transfer. Once liposuction is complete, the fat is processed and prepared for transfer. It is then injected into the breasts to add soft, natural-looking volume. Patients are typically very happy with their result and love that their breasts look and feel soft and natural. Some women also feel more at ease knowing that they don’t have to worry about needing to replace their implants later on. Because the incisions made for fat transfer are very small, the resulting scars are tiny and become almost invisible with time. Scars for breast augmentation are longer, but in many cases the incisions are able to be placed in discreet locations such as under the armpit, leaving no scars on the breasts. (If you would like to learn more about the scar sizes and locations for breast augmentation, check out the Breast Augmentation procedure page.)

Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer is a great option for many women, but it may not be the best fit for everyone. Fat transfer typically results in a 1-1½ increase in cup size, so women desiring a greater increase in cup size (2 cup sizes or more) may be better suited for breast implants. In addition, women with a significant degree of ptosis (sagging) may benefit more from a breast lift with or without implants than fat transfer in order to tighten the skin and create a perkier appearance. Lastly, women with very low body fat may not have enough fat accessible via liposuction for fat transfer to the breasts if they desire a significant increase in breast size. However, this is rare and there is almost always enough fat available even in slim patients to create a beautiful result.

Natural breast augmentation with fat transfer is a great option for women to consider who are looking for a more natural alternative to breast implants. Dr. Traci Temmen is an expert at breast augmentation both with implants and with fat transfer, and consistently creates stunning results using both methods. To view real patient results, explore the Gallery of before and after photos. To learn more about if one of these options may be right for you, call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Traci Temmen, MD today!