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BBL Results

Are the Results of My BBL Permanent?

When women think about the physical attributes they desire, for many, a round, shapely booty is at the top of the list! Unfortunately, for many women, no amount of squats is enough to get the shape of their dreams. This may be due to genetics, aging, or simply bad luck! No matter the reason, dissatisfaction with this area is a common frustration for many women. Luckily, with the power and prevision of modern medicine, a beautiful and shapely derriere can now be surgically sculpted with minimal scars through the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)! This is great news for women searching for a safe and effective way to sculpt their behind, but it also brings common questions like, “How long will my results last?” and, “Are the results of my BBL permanent?” After all, no one wants to undergo a costly procedure for a short-lived result. This blog post will discuss the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure as well as address this common patient concern.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a transformative procedure developed to do what many women have jokingly wished for at one time or another – to take some fat from HERE and put it back THERE! This is accomplished through a combination of liposuction and fat transfer in two steps. In the first step, Dr. Temmen performs targeted liposuction of the tummy, back, and sides. This eliminates stubborn fat deposits like love handles and back fat, and also smooths and slims the entire silhouette. Once this step is complete, the fat that was collected is prepared for transfer. The highest quality fat is then loaded into cannulas and injected into targeted areas of the buttocks. During each patient’s individual consultation with Dr. Temmen, they go over the patient’s anatomy in detail and discuss the patients’ goals for their appearance. The locations and quantities of fat transferred is then tailored to meet those goals, for example to create more projection versus a rounder shape. During a BBL, both the liposuction and fat transfer are performed using small cannulas, leaving very tiny scars (about ¼-½ inch). After recovery from this procedure, it is not uncommon for the surgeon or even the patient to have difficulty locating their scars as they are so small and fade with time.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the BBL, let’s discuss the common patient question, “Will my BBL results be permanent?” Given that surgery of any kind costs a significant amount of money and comes with some risk of complications no matter how qualified and experienced the surgeon is, it is no surprise that the longevity of surgical results is a concern of many patients. Following surgery, between 60-80% of the newly transferred fat is retained long term stays while the remainder is reabsorbed naturally by the body. To help new fat stay in place, Dr. Temmen recommends patients try to avoid prolonged sitting for the first two weeks following surgery, and to also stand or lie on their side or stomach when possible during this period. During the recovery process, the new fat integrates into the surrounding tissues, ultimately acting similarly to your native fat anywhere else in your body. This means that the fat transferred during a BBL can also be affected by weight fluctuations. For this reason, Dr. Temmen recommends patients be at or near their ideal body weight prior to surgery to minimize weight changes afterwards that could alter the result. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that of course the body will continue to change after surgery due to natural aging and the effects of gravity. While some of these natural changes unavoidable, patients can help preserve their result by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, following their surgeon’s post-op instructions and follow-up, and maintaining their ideal body weight.

Lastly, it is crucial to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced at BBLs and has a proven track record of excellent results. This will ensure that your surgeon is qualified not only in the operating room, but also fully trained to address any complications that arise during the recovery process. Dr. Traci Temmen is highly skilled at BBLs and consistently achieves amazing results. She is committed to working with each patient to create a beautiful and long-lasting result that makes her patients feel confident and radiant. To view real examples of past patient transformations for yourself, please explore the Gallery tab of this website. If you are interested in learning more about if you may be a candidate for this life-changing procedure, please call 813-771-6393 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Traci Temmen, MD today!